Oct. 17th, 2010

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Well okay not actual arrows or even foam darts instead it is electricity from the ground to the sky. Been not that busy for the past week but heading into midterms so that is changing already. I am not happy about the placement of the release of Fallout: New Vegas as it is Tuesday here and my first midterm is Wednesday. Not fun because I have to study and probably also homework as well.

I have given up on making my Spartan III armor for Halloween this year as it is just going take a lot more time before I am happy with how it looks, probably just go as myself from NONE or something. Speaking of NONE still hoping we can move it forward and as such at very least going to push it via security logs.

As of late I have been thinking about starting reviews (text only at first) of games. I have always wanted to do this but more as a side thing. If I find I have a knack for doing reviews I will move onto getting some site for it and doing at least voiced over game reviews. IDK I want to and I know my style for it already and hell also if people like it I will enjoy doing it. However defiantly not going to subject myself all that often to games that make you want to kill yourself to escape reviewing them.


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