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So yeah two of my three known wisdom teeth are pushing it, and because of this I am getting constant headaches and fevers. Great way to spend spring break...

Between spells of headaches and fevers (which the fevers would not break unless I used ice packs repeatedly over the course of a few hours) I played and beat Mass Effect 1 which was fun. Because of the headaches and fever sleep was poor except for the few nights I turned the ac up like mad and dropped the temperature down to around 68°F which is cold for sleeping in for me. Also finally got around to watching RahXephon an anime that I have been meaning to watch for a year it was good predictable but good. Other than that my sleep schedule got out of whack but is back on track (did not mean for that to rhyme) which is good as only have tomorrow and what is left of today before classes start back up again.

Right now though I am working on the homework due Monday (which luck would have it is only one assignment) so got that to do though getting hungry again so might get lunch soonish. One of these weekends I need to play in a Games Replay Tournament for Supreme Commander 2 as then I would have a actual look at some good players, and also probably get knocked out in round one.
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