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Squee! Really that is what I did for the whole of the second half of the episode. I am really happy and yeah reasons why under the cut.

1. I just found that while somewhat predictable on what was going to happen, it was nice to see a lot of canon be respected. Also Moffat does a great job on tugging heart strings but not crushing your heart. The point where the Doctor got hurt and thus looked like he could be dieing I was thinking due to the whole regeneration thing having a lot of energy he was going to sit in the Pandorica and regenerate, and at the same time save time and space.

2. When the Doctor went and said even if she could not remember her parents she could bring them back anyways, I knew at that point she would do the same for the Doctor. Just when was the question.

3. I nearly rofled due to Amy's phone call to Rory, feel kind of sorry for him being so submissive but then again he does love her and does not want to anger her. Then at the wedding River just walking by to set in motion the events to bring the Doctor back. The Doctor sure gets good companions it seems. Also loved when the Doctor went and said "Mr. Pond" and Rory gets all offend, and saying "that is not how it works." Then the Doctor retorts back to the affect no it defiantly is that way and Rory is like yeah I know. \

4. I loved how Doctor River Song got the Dalek to beg for mercy.

5. Amy Pond at any age is amazingly intelligent and also is just plain awesome.


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