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So off and on for about the past month or two I have been sick. What with I don't know but it is really bad for me as it affects my ability to think clearly. I also have been busy working on trying to keep up with my classes which is not easy when I get like this. I will explain further after the cut.

So okay my problem is some type of virus which keeps coming and going, from what I have gathered basically think of a viral sinus infection plus over heating and dehydration. Now for me this I could generally just work through by just taking it easy, but it is affecting how clear I can think. Today it is not as bad as a few weeks ago I can think, I can do some work but it still just destroys my ability to do anything that I have not learned. Basically I am back to the level of what I knew two months ago.

It does scare me having this happen but I think it might be due to how dry it has been getting plus the high amounts of AXE body spray. I don't know it might be something more serious but it also is keeping me from sleeping well at night when it crops up. So it seems I will probably be going back to the health clinic to get checked up on. I am happy though that as of right now it is not as bad as before but I wish I had gotten more than three hours of sleep before waking completely up and unable to sleep.

I don't know how I am going to handle finals or traveling back home as this is going to drain me a lot, I just hope that I don't get badly sick while home or during finals. Things are wrapping up for this semester but I have a bad feeling that I am not going to do well...
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