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As of late I have been becoming more active as well as uneasy when doing nothing. I have to either be out physically doing something to work my body, or I have to be engaged mentally in something. It is nice to finally be getting back to how I like being. But it has lead to some interesting thoughts. Mainly thoughts of old unexplored ideas as well as desires for planning and constructing devices.

I feel far more mentally here than I have in a long time, and as such my memory is improving. Hell, I remember dreams, something that used to be very uncommon for me. But, I also am remembering a lot of ideas for experiments. Said experiments are more of the engineering side of things than science. Experiments to teach myself things about how the world works, the limits of materials, learn common trends. Things that by studying a graph in a dusty tome of material properties could tell you how to predict mathematically. But, I have always been more of a hands on person. As such I really, really am wanting to get a part time job to save up money to setup for these experiments, as well as more practical and mundane things. Which brings me to the other part of the changes back to the old 'norm' for me, the desires for planning and constructing things.

This desire for planning and building stems from early on my love of building things with lego's. Once I found out that I could have a job doing that I was sold on a life as a engineer/scientist. And as such, I am going for that in my degrees, Physics/Mechanical Engineering duel major. This gives me the paper to let me into places that will allow me to do my little experiments. Now this whole business of planning, experimenting, and building comes down to I recently got a flavor of auto-mechanics, and I want to get a vehicle that is mine to do things to. These things focus on streamlining, efficiency, and personalization. The streamlining is cutting out a lot of stuff I dislike when it comes to modern cars. The efficiency goes for both fuel as well as power and parts. The Personalization is just due to my personality quarks not allowing me to just leave a car as it is. It has to have a mark that it is mine. So could just be paint, but, more likely a lot of changes to a lot of small aesthetic things, thus changing the over all aesthetic of the vehicle.

But, this is not just cars, I want to design and build far more than just that. It falls to I want to just let things flow from my mind to the paper, through Catia, and into whatever I am using as building material. More or less I wish to be a artist, but, with something far more interesting to me than just the more traditional forms of art. As well as have it usable.

In short I am going to see what all my mind can come up with unlimited freedom of thought and form. And I know it probably will fail, but, hey what fun is life if you always play it safe with letting out your creative side. *The sounds of cogs can heard as his mind works at generating new ideas and plans.*

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