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So just a update that is a bit overdue.

First thing is that I am enjoying reading "A Civil Campaign" by Lois McMaster Bujold. I like it and find it not as depressing as some of the past few books, "Komarr" was alright as well but "A Civil Campaign" is a lot less sad so far.

In other news I am almost done with NCIS, as in the whole series. NCIS: LA is up next, and I will find it interesting.

In other other news I last Sunday I went to Rainy Day Games with what I have in the way of a Chaos Space Marines 750 point force. First game was a 1v1 and I won which felt good and also it was fun and the person I was up against had fun as well. After the 1v1 it went to 1v2 me and a player using Necron. We fought against a Chaos Space Marine force of 1200 points, we got toasted which bite but was not that bad. The second battle also made my mind up instead of going Imperial Guard for my second army I am going Tyranid which will be fun and interesting.
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So last night I finally beat Crysis, it is a lot harder game than most people would think since it is a FPS, but it is more of a Stealth FPS/RPG which is what kept getting me. Then again so does having to drive a fucking tank that the turret is super sluggish on rotation making it a pain just to survive a encounter with another tank... Anyways got past the drunken VTOL level too, which is a insane part of the game, and annoying since the bloody thing has a random variation on what its top speed is... Oh well Crysis is beaten which means that I have beaten every computer game I own now, which is always something that I strive to do, even though it has no actual value.

Today I am thinking that I am either going to build a few MOC's (My Own Creation, from the Bionicle fan world), read some more of the Halo series while I wait for Warriors Apprentice to arrive at the Library, or find some other games to play. Most likely I will end up doing all of those though. I really want to make a new MOC (updating that is) for Kurorahk, but we will see what happens.
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Well after sleeping for twelve hours I got up, and my thighs were sore. I figure that it was from moving all the books yesterday, mainly because I had to squat a lot for moving the books.

Anyways onto the odd thing about my sleep. I had two dreams that I remember, the first being a odd SGA one, with Dr. Becket and Rodney McKay both becoming addicted to some sort of alien cheese. I don't remember why everyone was so worried other than they kinda started doing nothing but eating the stuff, which I guess is akin to a strong drug addiction or something... But they ended up getting help from some other planet, probably the one where they got the cheese, and everything went back to normal. A lot of other things happened to but that is the main thing that I remember, oh and Ronnen got attacked by McKay for stealing his cheese.

The other dream I had was just another weird dream where for some reason I had my Katana, and for some reason swords were better than guns, but I was the only one with one.

So on to the rest of my day, first an hour of racking up the pine needles and pine cones under the forest, then probably some more reading of Halo The Fall of Reach.


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