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So just a quick little thing, my cat Heidi decided to burrow, yes burrow she loves to burrow, under my pillows, so I decided to take some pictures of her, yes she is the brown thing under the two pillows. Oh that cat she is so silly.

Burrowed Cat, Heidi

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So today I actually went to sleep at like 6am, why? Because I was working on getting more programs onto my desktop... Anyways after breakfast/lunch/brunch/whatever I went to the gym which was good for me, every time I go I feel better afterward so I am doing something right. It is now official we (my family that is) have three cats. One is a strictly indoor cat (Heidi), one is a indoor, outdoor cat who followed my mom and brother home from a walk (Fredi), and now a strictly outdoor cat (who I suspect of wanting to really be a indoor/outdoor cat) now named Sassy because when ever you talk to her she meows back. They are all nice and pet able, though only Sass seems to be a lap cat :P

Anyways I built a different moc than I wanted too (inspiration it has to be used or you go insane), so instead of a new Kurorahk (though I did finally change his spines from Ehlek to those that serve as Gadunka's teeth so he now has protodermic spines (silver for those who are not as familiar with Bionicle) and looks pretty good with them instead of green spines. The New moc I have no name for, I do know who it is, she is a Makuta, more specifically the one who mutated Kurorahk into his present form through various experiments. She is adept enough to have her own lab dedicated to her experiments. She uses her power of shape-shifting primarily for making her hands into what ever instrument she needs, equipped with a mask a greater vision (does not exist in canon but is like the great mask of x-ray vision) which allows for basically being able to change how you view the world in anyway you want, you mind is the limit of its ability for vision enhancement. Since though I don't have the skills to make masks (using a forge and making a steal mask) I am just using a Kraahkan. But thanks to her being a Makuta she can control her image, we will go with that she likes to mimic Makuta Teridax's mask, just for terrorizing people.


So here she is (the Makuta)

and another shot

and of course if you want the high resolution files where here is the link to the folder on my Brickshelf account.

also leave me a note if the brickshelf folder is not public and I will fix it.


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