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It is way to hot for my taste, but not hotter than it could get. Next I should note yesterday I had no internet so all I could do is realize how hot it was. As you are seeing this post you probably can tell I have internet back. One day with out internet was bad, however found out it was due to some weird stuff happening with the providers. However now I can access and alter my port forwarding stuff which is nice.

Second note, I have a lot of screen caps to make into icons from Full Metal Panic, my main thing is working out which ones I want to use as I only have fifteen slots and I have more than that in pics.

Anyways it is great to be back online, I can ignore the heat better when I have a distraction.

A week of 95°F weather is not fun, and today is only the second day of it.
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So tomorrow I am going in at 9am to get three wisdom teeth removed. They are going to use some drugs, but the main thing is this is the first time I have ever had surgery. I am a bit uptight about it due to seeing how the drugs worked on my brother a few years back. I don't like being loopy, and that is how he was acting. Though I am a fast healer so hopefully will not be out to long.

Cut as don't want to gross people out with talk about sickness. )
So my birthday went well for me, watched Iron Man 2 which I enjoyed though it was loud. Got home had a nice simple dinner. Had a Magic swirl cake. Then after that got a printer for college, which is nice as I no longer have to go to the library to print stuff off. Which living on the opposite side of the campus makes annoying. Got the 40K 5th edition codex, big book, costs more than it should in my opinion, well everything related to 40k from Gamesworkshop is over priced. Also found out that Jo-Ann's carries enamel paints of three to four times the volume of Hillsboro Hobby Shop for only twice if not one and a half times the price.

Well tomorrow will be interesting to say the least. Probably will not be able to talk though for most of tomorrow.

Quick Post

May. 16th, 2010 01:33 pm
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This is a quick post as I am going off soon to watch Iron Man 2 for my birthday. But I have really good news. The Audio port on my laptop started randomly working for me. By this I mean it a problem where it did not detect my headphone slot but now it does and it works as well. This makes me happy as nothing has changed and it fixed it self. And no there have been no updates to my laptop with regard to the audio port.

This just makes me happy as now I can play my games without regard to desktop or laptop. Well almost graphics cards are different in the way that my desktop is superior to my laptop. Well okay my desktop is superior in all ways except for mobility. Then again that is why I built this desktop is so that way I could have high end games that are fun without the immersion being broken but not being able to see anything, or lag.

The universe is being kind, well some what the mosquito bites over my arms and legs still are annoying.


May. 8th, 2010 12:43 pm
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Got home safe and sound, and got all of my desktop home with me without any problems. However I had a really close call with missing my plane home. How close? Well try they closed the door right after I got on the plane, not before I sat down. But after all the running with some 40 pounds on my back for over a mile in about 6 minutes I feel awesome. And I should due to everything works, I got a lot of sleep, and even with everything that happened I made it home on time.

Now it is time to go figure out what I am doing for summer, already know I am going to take Introduction to Psychology at PCC over the summer so I have one less class come fall back at college.
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So next Monday I am back at college, but here is the problem my sleep schedule is messed up badly. So I am going to go to sleep in the middle of the day and hopefully only nap. If it all works out by the time I head back I will be on a normalish sleep schedule and everything if not well things at school will force it to be in the right shape pretty fast.

In other news Warhammer 40K miniatures here are all painted, waiting for my laptops new speaker to come in and working on getting method of shipping my painting supplies and glue down to college so I can paint my Chaos Predator Tank that will be getting there soonish. Also probably will put up photos of my painted miniatures up after I get up from this nap thing.

Time to go Incommunicado
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So today has been long and odd, mainly got up yesterday at 4pm and have been running sense, that and I predicted the weather right, and I have to get my four wisdom teeth pulled when I get back from College. So yeah it is snowing, had a good check up for my teeth and what not, and am tired. At the dentists I also got my head stuck into a radial x-ray machine, which was a odd experience for me (it just felt odd). Anyways I am going to eat, relax some maybe go to bed early, and then finish off Memory which is one of the most depressing Miles Vorkosigan books ever.

Oh oh before I forget I ordered the parts to fix my laptop seeing as I could not find a local source for it, but those should be here in like a week or less. Less I hope so I can get to doing fun stuff again.

It is weird reading all these books as I feel that Miles is rubbing off on me, thankfully only in the my thought pattern is starting to emulate Miles' thought patterns. Then again it could all be due to lack of sleep and food.
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Happy Corporate Holiday to everyone who celibates it! Oh and to Christians and derivative religions of Christianity Merry Christmas to you too! As for those who don't celibate those two have a very good day and look out for crazy people not caring about those with different beliefs to theirs today is their day (like every other day it seems) to forget there are other religions/belief systems than theirs.

To the heart of things, yesterday and today where good and I am about to go take a nap as I am now tired from being up for a while only powered by sugar (surprised I lasted as long as I have). Anyways life has been good, and now that my laptop is down, somewhat enjoying things a bit more after getting over it breaking. Next week is going to be busy as my brother and I have a dentist appointment and also going out to get some paint and glue for my Warhammer 40k Chaos Terminator Lord that I got, and to get the wire for my laptop. Though once I have said cable the next task will be looking into getting new speakers for my laptop so it can put out audio instead of being mute all the time.

But really Christmas is more of a Corporate Holiday than a Christian one it feels. Also feels a bit awkward being the only Atheist in a room of 20+ people who all are fairly Catholic or at least Deist. Ah the joys of Christmas Eve being surrounded by those who believe in something you don't and still getting a gift from the Grand parents anyways. Just glad that this year I dodged being made to read either of the Christmas stories (Christ's birth and A Visit From St. Nicholas).

Now to go nap, thank Chaos that it did not snow this year, that can wait tell I am safely back at college.
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So I took apart my laptop to try to find the source of the audio problem, and put it back together so that it still works just as it did before I disassembled it. Problem is that well my laptop still does not recognize my speakers but things are working quite nicely. I do want to say though I am never buying a HP machine again, either making my own or getting a Dell or Gateway laptop, maybe Acer.

But if it is just my speakers as I am hoping I may be able to get a replacement from a computer recycling place near my parents house. If not well wonderful, but the two parts that I think are bad I hope I can get replacements for the speakers or the front panel.

Anyways at least I have a functional terminal to the internet which is a big relief to me. Only problem is nobody to talk to on the internet, all my friends are either in different time zones or traveling, or just plain not online. Thankfully my brother is being somewhat entertaining.

ETA: Well scratch the still working part was trying to connect something back in so I could seal it all the way back up but the little pieces of metal on the what I can only assume is paper flaked off and disappeared... So now it does not even turn on, but oh well using my moms laptop for now, going to see about getting replacement parts for the little bloody wires but also look into getting new speakers as well. To complex it seems for something so simple...
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The title might be a bit over the top but I have gotten my laptop back in working order, minus audio. Looks like I need to open up my laptop completely so I can get at my mobo and check for what is wrong with my sound. However my laptop does beep annoyingly loudly when I hit a key at the wrong time. To this end I want to destroy the internal speakers so my laptop can never beep at me in loud and annoying levels.
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No not a rant/essay about life being hectic or something like that, no just lot of things to do today that I want to push off. Mainly going home I want to wait for a day... I want to stay here have a day where all I have to do is pack and clean, which would give me a chance to hang out with my friends, mainly one though.

Also get to see how well I can get stuff to work on WINE on Ubuntu 9.10 so I have stuff to do over the break besides reading and sleeping.
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So today I had to upgrade to Windows 7, now this is a good thing I was planning to anyways just was waiting tell my disk got here; my C:\ decided that the right time was today though.

This morning at 5:30am (first time this week I have gotten up after 3:30am...) I got up and started using my desktop. Mainly to watch the launch of the Ares-1X (which I missed later on) but then my C:\ started to run at 100% for long periods of time, and getting hot. Then it Blue Screen of Death on me. I did not realize tell around 2pm or so that the drive was actually going out for good tell it made the clicking sounds of doom/death. Then it was on, the race to download the no disk installer for Windows 7 before the C:\ died.

Got 66% of the way through the download and then it died, my bios went with it too, but I was lucky that my Motherboard has two bios on it so all was good there. Went to a friend who has the disk for 7 installed it and have been running it since around 6pm.

My verdict on Windows 7 is that it is vastly superior to Vista, and XP can eat Windows 7's dust as it has less functionality and ease of access to programs, files, and easy to understand layout than XP did.
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So today I actually went to sleep at like 6am, why? Because I was working on getting more programs onto my desktop... Anyways after breakfast/lunch/brunch/whatever I went to the gym which was good for me, every time I go I feel better afterward so I am doing something right. It is now official we (my family that is) have three cats. One is a strictly indoor cat (Heidi), one is a indoor, outdoor cat who followed my mom and brother home from a walk (Fredi), and now a strictly outdoor cat (who I suspect of wanting to really be a indoor/outdoor cat) now named Sassy because when ever you talk to her she meows back. They are all nice and pet able, though only Sass seems to be a lap cat :P

Anyways I built a different moc than I wanted too (inspiration it has to be used or you go insane), so instead of a new Kurorahk (though I did finally change his spines from Ehlek to those that serve as Gadunka's teeth so he now has protodermic spines (silver for those who are not as familiar with Bionicle) and looks pretty good with them instead of green spines. The New moc I have no name for, I do know who it is, she is a Makuta, more specifically the one who mutated Kurorahk into his present form through various experiments. She is adept enough to have her own lab dedicated to her experiments. She uses her power of shape-shifting primarily for making her hands into what ever instrument she needs, equipped with a mask a greater vision (does not exist in canon but is like the great mask of x-ray vision) which allows for basically being able to change how you view the world in anyway you want, you mind is the limit of its ability for vision enhancement. Since though I don't have the skills to make masks (using a forge and making a steal mask) I am just using a Kraahkan. But thanks to her being a Makuta she can control her image, we will go with that she likes to mimic Makuta Teridax's mask, just for terrorizing people.


So here she is (the Makuta)

and another shot

and of course if you want the high resolution files where here is the link to the folder on my Brickshelf account.

also leave me a note if the brickshelf folder is not public and I will fix it.


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