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Squee! Really that is what I did for the whole of the second half of the episode. I am really happy and yeah reasons why under the cut. the cut. )

5. Amy Pond at any age is amazingly intelligent and also is just plain awesome.


Jun. 20th, 2010 06:34 pm
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Just a quick (hopefully) summation of what is going on and has happened.

First, Doctor Who surprised me in s5 ep12 due to they pulled something I did not think of tell after they said it. Good job writers you did something out of the ordinary however still sad at how some things played out.

Second, Fathers Day was fun, went shooting and finally got to shoot my dads Thompson machine gun (not fully auto though only semi as per the law says) it was fun but long drive to and from.

Third, due to Introduction to Psychology starts at 10am tomorrow I have to miss Leverage tonight as I need to actually sleep and get up at a decent time. However after I get back from class and finish putting the finish on the last two bench beams I will sit down and watch it.
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So just watched it, I have to say interesting and that the Doctor seems to forget a lot of things.

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5. I know the characters are not supposed to be all to genera savvy but still at some point common sense has to kick in. Then again the Doctor might have thrown that into a Supernova with the manual for the TARDIS.


May. 15th, 2010 12:50 pm
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Got my hair cut today, no more long hair. Watching new Doctor Who episode. Oh inquisitive Doctor how much of a jerk you can be. Anyways nice time right now, and time to relax, while watching shows. Later go out and work for more money.

Ugh I wish my body would not be so weak.
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Or not so quick depending on how long this ends up.

One, I did not know there was a Stargate Convention in British Columbia on April 16th, only heard about it due to my Mothers boss and a few of her co-workers are going next week. (My Mom works at a accounting firm so April 16th they get off.) My Mom has no connections to fandom and just randomly fandom showed up in my life.

Two, ordered parts for making my own custom Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer which is awesome and a great way to spend time without being to engrossed for finals. The reason why I am making my own is due to the sets that Games Workshop has out for the Sorcerer don't have the feel I want. Also are metal and IDK if I can paint or even glue the metal together with the supplies I have. But anyways it will be fun.

Three, Eleven is awesome, I like how much turn around we have from the end of Ten. It is very fun and pleasant to have a happy Doctor and that Ami knew that we must preserve happy doctor. However the hammering it home about how the Doctor is the last of his kind and alone but does nice things for the children (Humanity) was annoying. All in all I love Eleven and Matt Smith has vanquished all my thoughts about him not being right for the Doctor (mainly the face but after seeing his acting nope he is good).

Bonus, been messing around with Windows 7 themes to make my own, turning out nicely so far.


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