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Well got up and went to the dentist who said I need to floss in the back of my mouth more where I have trouble flossing already, which she laughed at. It is good to have lighthearted people in the medical community. Though technically she was the equivalent to a nurse but still it is nice to see people joking about.

In any case today is going to be as annoying as any other Monday or Wednesday that I have for the rest of the summer. Still can't believe the fact that I go back to ERAU the day after my Micro Econ final... Anyways I am starting to cook up some new icons for myself, mainly pertaining to Warhammer 40K universe for their origin so expect to see the star of Chaos some where in there.

I did not have any really odd dreams, well disturbing dreams I should say thankfully. I did have a dream that thanks to all the Warhammer 40K stuff I have been reading was in the Warhammer 40K universe, well more of I could manifest Chaos Terminator Lord armor and weaponry, also I was at college instead of at home. Then the Tyranids attacked the campus, it was quite odd... But it was fun fighting along side those who I know against a great alien force that would consume the planet. Though why the hell they decided to land in a bloody (or at least it was by the end of things) desert is beyond me given they try to consume biomass to make more of themselves.

It was fun though mainly due to I had no idea that it was a dream so it was basically the most epic scale dream I have had in a long time. Also there was a global conquest on my part to destroy any points where the Tyranids had landed at. Quite fun due to I can pull of more than just random USA city within my dreams due to movies, anime, and actually going outside of the continent.

Well that is all I have time for today, got to study a bit for Micro Econ, and take a shower.
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Well after sleeping for twelve hours I got up, and my thighs were sore. I figure that it was from moving all the books yesterday, mainly because I had to squat a lot for moving the books.

Anyways onto the odd thing about my sleep. I had two dreams that I remember, the first being a odd SGA one, with Dr. Becket and Rodney McKay both becoming addicted to some sort of alien cheese. I don't remember why everyone was so worried other than they kinda started doing nothing but eating the stuff, which I guess is akin to a strong drug addiction or something... But they ended up getting help from some other planet, probably the one where they got the cheese, and everything went back to normal. A lot of other things happened to but that is the main thing that I remember, oh and Ronnen got attacked by McKay for stealing his cheese.

The other dream I had was just another weird dream where for some reason I had my Katana, and for some reason swords were better than guns, but I was the only one with one.

So on to the rest of my day, first an hour of racking up the pine needles and pine cones under the forest, then probably some more reading of Halo The Fall of Reach.


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