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Happy Corporate Holiday to everyone who celibates it! Oh and to Christians and derivative religions of Christianity Merry Christmas to you too! As for those who don't celibate those two have a very good day and look out for crazy people not caring about those with different beliefs to theirs today is their day (like every other day it seems) to forget there are other religions/belief systems than theirs.

To the heart of things, yesterday and today where good and I am about to go take a nap as I am now tired from being up for a while only powered by sugar (surprised I lasted as long as I have). Anyways life has been good, and now that my laptop is down, somewhat enjoying things a bit more after getting over it breaking. Next week is going to be busy as my brother and I have a dentist appointment and also going out to get some paint and glue for my Warhammer 40k Chaos Terminator Lord that I got, and to get the wire for my laptop. Though once I have said cable the next task will be looking into getting new speakers for my laptop so it can put out audio instead of being mute all the time.

But really Christmas is more of a Corporate Holiday than a Christian one it feels. Also feels a bit awkward being the only Atheist in a room of 20+ people who all are fairly Catholic or at least Deist. Ah the joys of Christmas Eve being surrounded by those who believe in something you don't and still getting a gift from the Grand parents anyways. Just glad that this year I dodged being made to read either of the Christmas stories (Christ's birth and A Visit From St. Nicholas).

Now to go nap, thank Chaos that it did not snow this year, that can wait tell I am safely back at college.
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So I took apart my laptop to try to find the source of the audio problem, and put it back together so that it still works just as it did before I disassembled it. Problem is that well my laptop still does not recognize my speakers but things are working quite nicely. I do want to say though I am never buying a HP machine again, either making my own or getting a Dell or Gateway laptop, maybe Acer.

But if it is just my speakers as I am hoping I may be able to get a replacement from a computer recycling place near my parents house. If not well wonderful, but the two parts that I think are bad I hope I can get replacements for the speakers or the front panel.

Anyways at least I have a functional terminal to the internet which is a big relief to me. Only problem is nobody to talk to on the internet, all my friends are either in different time zones or traveling, or just plain not online. Thankfully my brother is being somewhat entertaining.

ETA: Well scratch the still working part was trying to connect something back in so I could seal it all the way back up but the little pieces of metal on the what I can only assume is paper flaked off and disappeared... So now it does not even turn on, but oh well using my moms laptop for now, going to see about getting replacement parts for the little bloody wires but also look into getting new speakers as well. To complex it seems for something so simple...
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Well today was Father's Day today, which I am grateful that I was able to celibate it with my dad. This mainly due to my dad's birthday I am going to miss every year tell I graduate from college. Which is sad, and me just being at college is not easy on my dad but my dad knows that I need to do this.

Anyways, today I also finished getting the Sinnoh Dex on Pokemon Platinum, don't judge, I love RPG games like the Pokemon Games. In any case my friend also came over yesterday in an attempt to get my Xbox working. It is broken, and we have to get a new motherboard for it to make it work. The best way to go about this is via craigslist, so I might give that a try later this summer. Personally I don't play the Xbox enough when I am home to even miss it that much.

Also ice cream pies I still am not a huge fan of, they are good, but they also hurt my teeth if I try to chew... I like to chew my food... Also still a hater of having random nuts in foods other than mixed nuts! I really do not like going through ice cream or bread then one of the times I chew bam! lots of pain as the nut is broken on one of my teeth not delegated to nut cracking.
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Well today not only is Memorial Day, or at least the day that people get off for Memorial Day, but more importantly it is Towel Day! Thanks to reading dysprositos page (here) about Towel Day, I remembered about it. Sadly however I did not participate in Towel Day events, or having the traditional Towel in tow where ever I went. Instead I helped move a good thousand or two of books at the Cornelius Library. That was what I did for most of the day, the rest I was sleeping for. Anyways now I am back home and have a cat to entertain who decided my bed was where to be, since I was on it too.

Everyone enjoy the rest of your Towel Day/Memorial day, no I do not pair those two though.


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