Feb. 20th, 2010 02:06 am
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These are the results of this week of over working, being injured, and far to stressed.

I have been up to long, been over stressed, and my body has been working on keeping me healthy and fixing itself... I am starting to see people in the corner of my sight, I hear people following me, talking, shouting... Yeah I am going to sleep this off now... And hope it is just all that and not something else.

Also finished watching VR.5 more on this later though.
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Just going to hide the stuff behind the cut even though not putting any pictures to be courteous to those who don't want to know.

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Well my mosquito bites are starting to go away finally, but still have a bunch of clear liquid, which I assume to be the poison, in each bite. They still itchy too, which is oh so annoying for me... but I will live, and we have baking soda to use on the bites to draw out the poison.

Anyways did not post anything yesterday but there was not much to post about sadly, was kinda a dull day, so dull I did not even play any video games yesterday. The only two point of interest would be that I finished Warrior's Apprentice and went to the gym and rode for half an hour and got drenched in sweat which is good because it was more sweat than I have had for a long long time, so I am getting healthier, which is always something to say yea! about.

Today I don't know what I am going to do, I am thinking about playing Oblivion some more, but I am trying to figure out how to fix this glitch where Baurus gets stuck, but there maybe a few ways around this that I will try.
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Well after sleeping for twelve hours I got up, and my thighs were sore. I figure that it was from moving all the books yesterday, mainly because I had to squat a lot for moving the books.

Anyways onto the odd thing about my sleep. I had two dreams that I remember, the first being a odd SGA one, with Dr. Becket and Rodney McKay both becoming addicted to some sort of alien cheese. I don't remember why everyone was so worried other than they kinda started doing nothing but eating the stuff, which I guess is akin to a strong drug addiction or something... But they ended up getting help from some other planet, probably the one where they got the cheese, and everything went back to normal. A lot of other things happened to but that is the main thing that I remember, oh and Ronnen got attacked by McKay for stealing his cheese.

The other dream I had was just another weird dream where for some reason I had my Katana, and for some reason swords were better than guns, but I was the only one with one.

So on to the rest of my day, first an hour of racking up the pine needles and pine cones under the forest, then probably some more reading of Halo The Fall of Reach.


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