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Well today seems to be setting up for the beginning of a trend. Waking up before 8am, make breakfast of egg (omelet style) and cheese cinnamon bagel for breakfast, shower/shave, work (today's case yard work),shower, lunch, possible more yard work, video games, dinner, then random time. Really this is good for me, means that I am getting to the point where I don't sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day, and am getting good and full meals in too. I guess that some might disagree with the video games being a actual part of the day but it is my down time just devoted to leisure time which is needed to be being enjoyed. I have no doubt though this schedule will degrade once I head back to College come this fall, well mid August.

Anyways I got my hands on Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 made by THQ, and Relic. I must say for a RTS it is really good. However DOW2 has more of a RPG feeling with all the customization that you get to do with your units, but it is insanely fun, though gory too.

Well now to watch Code Geass again, why? Because I really like it and I have no idea when what is on TV anymore.

Side note saw Kings episode 6 "Brotherhood" was good, treacherous, and lacking in knowledge of how to do a Spec Opt mission. Oh well at least they showed how being a idiot can get people hurt or killed in combat situations. Also unnamed commando who goes solely by Commando #1 in the credits knew not to get messed up with named characters nor get a name. It seems Kings has inverse red shirt syndrome as I told [personal profile] dysprositos last night, named characters are getting killed but unnamed are remaining fine. Well of course besides the plague thing that had to be unnamed otherwise huge cast.


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