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Well woke up a record early time for me, 5 am, after getting about 5 hours of sleep. It feels good to be mostly rested but I would like to get more sleep. Problem I can't fall back to sleep. So now my day is starting here and now.

To tie in with yesterday which I probably should have put this up yesterday, I made it through my first Micro Economics class at Portland Community College (PCC). I drove there, I sat threw class actually absorbing the information instead of like when I was at college having no fing idea why I could not hold onto anything being said. With that said every Wednesday is a test day, small chapter tests but still every Wednesday tell 8/12 which is my final, exactly one week tell I go back to college for the rest of the year.

Next year fuck taking summer classes, I will either find a part time job, if there is one where I don't have to come home and shower to clean the filth off of me then go and destroy/nuke lots of things in a game so I do not go out and start killing people left and right.

Probably time for me to get some food before I forget to have Breakfast, then to study for my Micro Econ class. Oh how I will need some vent for frustration soon, thankfully I have a shit ton of games that I can use to solve that problem!


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