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Well okay not actual arrows or even foam darts instead it is electricity from the ground to the sky. Been not that busy for the past week but heading into midterms so that is changing already. I am not happy about the placement of the release of Fallout: New Vegas as it is Tuesday here and my first midterm is Wednesday. Not fun because I have to study and probably also homework as well.

I have given up on making my Spartan III armor for Halloween this year as it is just going take a lot more time before I am happy with how it looks, probably just go as myself from NONE or something. Speaking of NONE still hoping we can move it forward and as such at very least going to push it via security logs.

As of late I have been thinking about starting reviews (text only at first) of games. I have always wanted to do this but more as a side thing. If I find I have a knack for doing reviews I will move onto getting some site for it and doing at least voiced over game reviews. IDK I want to and I know my style for it already and hell also if people like it I will enjoy doing it. However defiantly not going to subject myself all that often to games that make you want to kill yourself to escape reviewing them.
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Hello all, not much exciting has been going on but whatever I need to keep in the habit of making posts and also writing. So lets just jump into what has been going on.

So been watching The Spoony Experiment, which is much like Nostalgia Critic reviews old games and movies. It is nice to actually hear opinions on old games and movies some I have seen and played and some that I have not by Spoony mainly focuses on the really bad games and movies which makes it interesting. Anyways mainly been watching it due to it is humor and I have been watching a lot of drama thanks to NCIS and NCIS: LA.

Past that I have been reading A Civil Campaign, still not done yet as it is for pleasure not work, and wow how I can relate to far to many of the romances and both parties in each romance. Though I wish I had not stayed up tell 5am reading the book as now I have to deal with a even more messed up sleep schedule than before.

Third thing is that today I went out and worked for two hours, starting out with cleaning our garage a bit, then moving on to working on my Mothers bench, and finally to spreading gypsum across the yard to help reduce the clay content in the soil. That last one took the longest due to I was working on one acre of land with just my hands to spread it. Needless to say my feet are killing me for being on them for two hours without break.

Also got to thinking that I might make a separate account just for NONE if it starts up again just so when we are in off season I can have misadventures myself.

Wish my headaches would stop, thankfully now they are only based on hydration.



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