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Well today started off with me taking a shower, from there I was trimming my finger nails, and just as I was about to finish the power went out. Now normally this is a inconvenience for someone living in a 'rural' area. I was in a room with no windows or anyway natural light could get in. If this had happened several years ago I would have freaked, today I just laughed at the irony of the timing, I had just finished doing everything I needed power for so I just left and got dressed in my room. About half an hour to forty five minutes later power came back on.

In any case it still sucks when the power goes out, mainly due to if it is dark, or just kinda dim outside my natural reaction is to go to sleep. Problem I have class in less than three hours at Portland Community College (PCC) and I have never driven myself there. Though the class really I have no option but to go since it is the first class of the semester... I really dislike having to take a economics course in order to get a Aerospace Engineering Bachelor of Science degree. I mean yes it is a good idea to make certain your engineers are trying to make the most cost efficient craft but still for those of us who just look at the price range, then look at the outlines for the design then figure out roughly what type of design your going for this is a pain in the ass and really redundant. For those who just design without a care in the world about the cost, they should not be engineers, or at least have a class where you have to forecast the cost of a design, basically do the whole design and development process and have a actual budget with your grade riding on how everything works together in the end and your cost to do the project.

Anyways yeah first night of Micro Economics class 6-8pm Mondays and Saturdays at PCC how fun... >_>


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