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So to start things off I woke up at ten today and was expecting my family to be off on their hike at Hagg Lake without me as they said they would do if I did not get up at nine, my Mom and my Brother are both still asleep and my Dad is out arc welding. So it looks like I did not miss out on any family events for once. Also had about for the last half an hour of sleeping a swarm of dreams and convoluted thoughts all of them random and meaningless but still giving me a nice headache to wake up with. Thankfully said headache went away after food and some OJ.

Also Palin seemed like she was piecing the speech together as she was saying it. Actually if it had been less of how frantic she was talking it would have been okay, it was just the rate that she was trying to talk at I think was the problem. Also yeah I did not catch what she way even saying in the middle there with her sports analogy. As far as I am concerned she has her reasons, I still will not vote for her or any republican with in the limited future that I see.

I think today I will read for most of the day and also clean my laptop, and leave my desktop on and online so if I get bored or one of my friends wants to chat I am available. Still hate hot days like this, and wish to be back in a dorm room back at college with its air conditioner.


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