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Been having a lack of time it seems to do anything meaningful. I have been having some problems with sleep as of late but seem to have fixed that by closing the blinds before I go to bed. I don't understand why my roommate even keeps them open once it hits night. I know he opens the blinds during the day for the natural sunlight as our overhead light screams at a high pitch and is completely ineffective at lighting my room.

I am rather hating my COM 122 class due to I still do not see the point of the class when all it is actually for is making certain you know how to write. It should have a test that if you fail you take the class then at least it would not feel like a complete waste of time. Whatever I really don't care at this point about it, only took it because I wanted to give a try at a better grade and needed to fill some credit hours.

Working on Halloween costume which is going to be Spartan III armor from Halo: Reach, got the helmet I made a long time ago on its way as well as some forearm and shin guards to build around for the arm and leg bits of the armor. Still really worried about the chest and the upper leg sections of armor due to how hard those parts have been in the past for me to make.

The weather as of late has been stormy, and more over Thunder Storms which is awesome I love thunderstorms as well they just are awesome to me. Going to be busy this month with lots of work and midterms as well but hey that is college. Oh well almost done with the boring stuff so I can get onto the interesting classes where I get to learn stuff instead of repeating High School English classes and reusing basic physics over and over without building on any of it.
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Posting that is the habit, well kind of just seems like when I post once after not posting for a while I start posting a lot. Anyways Chemistry was boring again fell asleep or almost did, the homework for the class took like twenty minutes to do last night. Since it was easy this left me with a lot of free time to watch Buffy, which I did since anything else would have kept me up for longer. So almost done with Season two just got the finale to watch I believe.

As for other things well just starting to make plans on what I am going to do for Summer, which really is going to be finding a job hopefully so I can fund finishing my desktop and then upgrade some pieces of it to where I want it to be at. Also so I can fund my Warhammer 40k miniatures addiction which really is more of the painting and modeling and not so much the playing of it, though that will happen too over summer.

The day just started and I want to go back to bed but can't tell four because of only about one hour and ten minute breaks between classes...
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So next Monday I am back at college, but here is the problem my sleep schedule is messed up badly. So I am going to go to sleep in the middle of the day and hopefully only nap. If it all works out by the time I head back I will be on a normalish sleep schedule and everything if not well things at school will force it to be in the right shape pretty fast.

In other news Warhammer 40K miniatures here are all painted, waiting for my laptops new speaker to come in and working on getting method of shipping my painting supplies and glue down to college so I can paint my Chaos Predator Tank that will be getting there soonish. Also probably will put up photos of my painted miniatures up after I get up from this nap thing.

Time to go Incommunicado
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Well woke up a record early time for me, 5 am, after getting about 5 hours of sleep. It feels good to be mostly rested but I would like to get more sleep. Problem I can't fall back to sleep. So now my day is starting here and now.

To tie in with yesterday which I probably should have put this up yesterday, I made it through my first Micro Economics class at Portland Community College (PCC). I drove there, I sat threw class actually absorbing the information instead of like when I was at college having no fing idea why I could not hold onto anything being said. With that said every Wednesday is a test day, small chapter tests but still every Wednesday tell 8/12 which is my final, exactly one week tell I go back to college for the rest of the year.

Next year fuck taking summer classes, I will either find a part time job, if there is one where I don't have to come home and shower to clean the filth off of me then go and destroy/nuke lots of things in a game so I do not go out and start killing people left and right.

Probably time for me to get some food before I forget to have Breakfast, then to study for my Micro Econ class. Oh how I will need some vent for frustration soon, thankfully I have a shit ton of games that I can use to solve that problem!
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Well first thing I did today was look at the forecast, hoping for a period where it gets cool again and cloudy. I saw tomorrow was supposed to have clouds and also the rest of the week, then I looked a the temperature it was horrible, same temperature but with clouds...

Anyways yesterday I build a new moc, not of Kurorahk though, but of a Makuta scientist who performed experiments on him. Yes I have a whole giant history for Kurorahk and actually wrote a bit of it, though it is pretty bad, though I probably should try to rewrite it.

Alright so today it is already at 82 Fahrenheit outside and it is only 3:30pm and the sun does not set tell about 8:30pm today, so horribly hot day without AC which is always the case for at home sadly. This does not help with my sleeping problems either, which I think I figured out. The main reason why I have been sleeping so much, other than catching up on sleep from college, is that I have very little protein here at home to eat, and while a college I had a lot of protein in my diet. I know that I run practically only on protein so this probably is the cause for the extra 4 hours on top of my normal 8-9 hour sleep.

Well time to try to stay cool and not give into eating a huge amount again...
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Well today I had really bad sleep, I went to bed around 11:30pm last night, and fell asleep around midnight. For the rest of the night I woke up every hour or so, I don't know how I am running as well as I am today with such bad sleep. Anyways I guess today was a wasted day, I only played video games on my desktop, and am now going to make a new Magic deck, then pit it up against my current good deck (R,G,B deck with Dragons, Wurms, and Flying Zombies) then probably go back to playing games on my desktop.

I really want to go back to college, for two reasons, one my good friend whom I miss a lot, and only get to talk to every once and a while (which is okay!) and two I will have some sort of structure to my life again plus lots of food!

Well dysprositos hope your day went well!


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