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Summer is (thankfully) zooming by. Things here have been going nicely and well I must say it is enjoyable to get so much time off.

Down side is that it is not past July 4th, which for here means... yeah heat waves, bad ones. Not super hot like last year yet but 95°F for five days strait... not going to be fun soon. However I am getting used to my room during the day being around 80°F which is around what it was for most of last summer when it got ungodly hot out.

Still though by the Emperor why?!

Also finally got a new icon, still need to go through the rest of Full Metal Panic! and find some more.
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So I figured out why I like college so much more than being here at home. At college people actually understand physics, well the ones that I usually hang out do at least, they can do mental exercises on situations and other fun stuff with know how things really work. Here at home the closest thing I have to sensible logical people (though most at college are conservative which annoys me) are my cats and [personal profile] dysprositos since they understand how things work. At home I am constantly telling either my brother or my mom how things actually work in reality, and with my dad well really all he asks me is if what he is designing is functional or will do what he wants it to do. My brother who I call That Idiot Jameson due to his lack of understanding basic physics, chemistry, and even biology which I hate biology and yet I know more of it than he does! The main problem is not that he ask a lot of questions no it is when he says things that blatantly are impossible due to what every science says. Here is one from last night, I asked "How is it even possible for Link to climb that ladder with boots that say the have no traction IE on no surface would they have any friction at all?" my brother responds with "oh he just uses the shape of the foot" and "I could do it too." Brother I care about you a small amount as much as I care about those who annoy me but I have to look out for, but this is just pushing it to the point of your annoyingly to stupid to even try to talk to you about other than modding games. The other major problem is I go and tell him that what he is saying is impossible and these are the scientific laws/theories/principles that say why it is impossible.

Other than having to deal with frequent random stupidity like that my summer is going okay, though this week is going to get bad, a low of 85°F for the week in high temperatures, I hate summer...


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