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So I am home again. The trip to Baker was as always dull, anyone who says the gorge is beautiful is a fool... I did get to see some Wind Turbines which was actually more exciting than the rest of the drive to Baker. I was glad that I got to see my Grandparents and visit them for a while, though sleeping most of the day does not make it all to easy. As one could imagine I had no internet access which really was okay I guess I did not have much use for it anyways there.

I got to learn a lot about my family history, and found out that yes Baker City is 1) Rednecks, 2)Republican, 3) Owned and operated by my family. Also there where only white people there, which made me be like "WTF? Where is the rest of the town?" Why was I aghast because it really should not be a white only place, and yet it seems to be that way. It was kinda scary to see that.

On a side note I now have a direct line to the modem for my desktop, so now it can update and be used for online stuff instead of my laptop.
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Well just about to leave, hopefully I will have internet access at my Grandparents place if not, well it will be the 19th or 20th tell I can up date this again so hopefully the 300+ mile drive goes smoothly and everything.

Alright that is all for now, see you all later!


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