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So yeah two of my three known wisdom teeth are pushing it, and because of this I am getting constant headaches and fevers. Great way to spend spring break...

Between spells of headaches and fevers (which the fevers would not break unless I used ice packs repeatedly over the course of a few hours) I played and beat Mass Effect 1 which was fun. Because of the headaches and fever sleep was poor except for the few nights I turned the ac up like mad and dropped the temperature down to around 68°F which is cold for sleeping in for me. Also finally got around to watching RahXephon an anime that I have been meaning to watch for a year it was good predictable but good. Other than that my sleep schedule got out of whack but is back on track (did not mean for that to rhyme) which is good as only have tomorrow and what is left of today before classes start back up again.

Right now though I am working on the homework due Monday (which luck would have it is only one assignment) so got that to do though getting hungry again so might get lunch soonish. One of these weekends I need to play in a Games Replay Tournament for Supreme Commander 2 as then I would have a actual look at some good players, and also probably get knocked out in round one.
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Today is release day, and in a bit less than forty minutes I am going into town with my RA to pick up my copy. Though it seems that steam has yet to decrypt the game to allow people who have it to play. But I believe by the time I get back and by the time I get SupCom2 installed it probably will be decrypted.

Woot for release day! (And for knowing I will enjoy the game just from the demo.)

ETA: So currently having some trouble downloading the patch or decryption codes or what ever it is that SupCom2 needs. Why do I say this, because right now it keeps starting and stopping the download of an "Update" not certain what is in the update.

In any case looks like it will be a while tell I can play it, which does not bug me to much.


Feb. 28th, 2010 06:44 pm
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No not the comic just have a countdown going on it my life. The countdown is not so something like a break in the semester (okay so that one is going but it is not starting tell March 12th). No instead this is about Supreme Commander 2, which more and more people after the discovery of the Debug Mode have renewed their interest in SupCom2 (sadly we can't make use of SC2 or SCII thanks to the first being Star Craft 2 and the second being the other way that people refer to Star Craft 2). I am glad of this as I got the same sense from the demo campaign as I did with Supreme Commander's campaign. By that I mean that you only get a small view of what you can do during the campaign.

2 Days tell release I am excited, still tired annoyingly enough but still excited.

In other news I got my work all done and don't have anything to do tonight or tomorrow night which is awesome to me. Tuesday after dinner will be fun though as long as it does not end up with me passing out right after dinner.

Also catching up on Ghost Hunters International.
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I am happy the weekend is here mainly due to it means hopefully I will get lots of sleep and stop hurting and get closer to being all healed up. Also now that it is the weekend it means that not to long tell Supreme Commander 2 is released. But that is something next weekend will be all about. This weekend will be about getting a few things done and getting better. Probably play Fallout 3 some and IDK what else. If I get feeling better I might go for playing Supreme Commander Forged Alliance or just Supreme Commander some more. It is funny most people would think that playing games when I am not feeling well is what I do, but no when I am not feeling well I can't it just requires to much work.

Still don't know what is causing me to be as sore as I am for the last few days, can't turn me neck as far as I could a week ago, my right arm just is continuously sore, and my eyes I can barely move around without them hurting like mad. Sleep, lots and lots of sleep should help and lots of water as well.
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Chemistry test was easy, took me twenty seven minutes to do. Which is fast, so fast in fact that I was the first one done, and I know I did great on it.

As for Supreme Commander 2 the demo is supposed to be out sometime today, so far no official word on it other than Chris Taylor's word during a open forum chat for Best Buy. Hopefully it will be out by tonight. But in other news found a ride to go pick up Supreme Commander 2 (SC2 as Starcraft 2 is not a game I will be getting) as my RA (Resident Hall Assistant) offered to give me a ride into town and back the morning that it releases. Which works for me. Though I still won't be playing it that day tell after Chemistry Lab.

I am still having problems with songs being stuck in my head so I am just listening to lots of music of my choice and not the random stuff that keeps showing up in my head.
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First things first yea for Day five of Torchwood's Children of Earth, second even greater yea my eyes which have been giving me constant pain for the past few days, plus headaches and stiff neck, seems to be finally waning in amounts of pain!

So yeah today seems to be going well besides the still stiff neck and the back of my eyes hurting but a lot less than yesterday. Also going to do some retro gaming as it is called, or simply put I am going to use my new high end desktop to play Super Nintendo games, ah I love good old games!
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Well today I got up at seven in the morning and had breakfast then worked in the yard for another hour. After that showered since I needed it, and since then have been doing my rounds on the internet. When I came across the fact that it is only like 7pm in England which means 2 more hours tell Torchwood Children of Earth part 2, which saddens me since I wanted to watch now, and makes me happy that I now know the time differince between Oregon and England (-7 hours) which means soon it will be time to watch the next episode.

Also I noticed this morning all these entries on my reading page of other people who also had watched Torchwood CoE so I know that watching Torchwood is what I should be doing with my nights right now.

Well back to having lunch and using time to bludgeon or nuke as it maybe some computer opponents in either Supreme Commander or Call of Duty 4 as I wait for CoE to become available.
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Well I am rested up again, just in time to start studying again for Micro Econ. I really hope that I get more yard work done before the summer ends though otherwise I will be without my desktop. Probably will do some yard work Monday or Tuesday, or both who knows.

Anyways finished Dawn of War 2 today, finally. Also I hate you steam I would like it if I chose where a game installed, to not have to have internet connection to play said game, oh and also have one less task taking up my ram that Vista eats by the Gigabyte... Anyways, I always love avatars, no not like Avatar the Last Airbender though that show was awesome and the movie will be more fail than Transformers 2. Any ways back to my subject Avatars, I like avatars, I like to have a avatar that represents me, I like the Warhammer 40k universe, and as such have been looking at the different sides to find a unit to get,assembly, and paint to be my current avatar. I have decided on the Chaos Terminator Lord, but it will be a while tell I get it.

Anyways time to kick back for what remains of the day and go over the Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marine Codex.
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Well today was Father's Day today, which I am grateful that I was able to celibate it with my dad. This mainly due to my dad's birthday I am going to miss every year tell I graduate from college. Which is sad, and me just being at college is not easy on my dad but my dad knows that I need to do this.

Anyways, today I also finished getting the Sinnoh Dex on Pokemon Platinum, don't judge, I love RPG games like the Pokemon Games. In any case my friend also came over yesterday in an attempt to get my Xbox working. It is broken, and we have to get a new motherboard for it to make it work. The best way to go about this is via craigslist, so I might give that a try later this summer. Personally I don't play the Xbox enough when I am home to even miss it that much.

Also ice cream pies I still am not a huge fan of, they are good, but they also hurt my teeth if I try to chew... I like to chew my food... Also still a hater of having random nuts in foods other than mixed nuts! I really do not like going through ice cream or bread then one of the times I chew bam! lots of pain as the nut is broken on one of my teeth not delegated to nut cracking.
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Well I got up and saw X-men Origins: Wolverine I thought it was good, not the best but good, and i had my favorite X-man in it Gambit. Anyways after the movie or during it I got a migraine, thankfully after having some food, I now classify it as a mild headache, but still annoying. I am thinking of playing some more DOW2 since it has a epic campaign. DOW2 unlike most RTS games allows for customization to a great degree, and the game does not penalize you for what tactics your using like the latest Command and Conquers have with trying to make turtling impossible or at very least hurt you in a way that makes you unable to win the game. For some reason people hate turtlers, I believe this to be that they think that a wave of tanks should be the only unit, no artillery, not missile infantry, no aircraft, just tanks...

Well I ranted again about what I dislike in the trend of RTS gaming, but what every there is a reason why I stick to games like Supreme Commander and Dawn of War, you actually have strategy that has to be adaptable or you lose. Well I will give EA this they did a lot better with Red Alert 3 on making the multiplayer not so much single unit type games.

Anyways going to do some stuff and relax.
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Well today seems to be setting up for the beginning of a trend. Waking up before 8am, make breakfast of egg (omelet style) and cheese cinnamon bagel for breakfast, shower/shave, work (today's case yard work),shower, lunch, possible more yard work, video games, dinner, then random time. Really this is good for me, means that I am getting to the point where I don't sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day, and am getting good and full meals in too. I guess that some might disagree with the video games being a actual part of the day but it is my down time just devoted to leisure time which is needed to be being enjoyed. I have no doubt though this schedule will degrade once I head back to College come this fall, well mid August.

Anyways I got my hands on Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 made by THQ, and Relic. I must say for a RTS it is really good. However DOW2 has more of a RPG feeling with all the customization that you get to do with your units, but it is insanely fun, though gory too.

Well now to watch Code Geass again, why? Because I really like it and I have no idea when what is on TV anymore.

Side note saw Kings episode 6 "Brotherhood" was good, treacherous, and lacking in knowledge of how to do a Spec Opt mission. Oh well at least they showed how being a idiot can get people hurt or killed in combat situations. Also unnamed commando who goes solely by Commando #1 in the credits knew not to get messed up with named characters nor get a name. It seems Kings has inverse red shirt syndrome as I told [personal profile] dysprositos last night, named characters are getting killed but unnamed are remaining fine. Well of course besides the plague thing that had to be unnamed otherwise huge cast.
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Well my mosquito bites are starting to go away finally, but still have a bunch of clear liquid, which I assume to be the poison, in each bite. They still itchy too, which is oh so annoying for me... but I will live, and we have baking soda to use on the bites to draw out the poison.

Anyways did not post anything yesterday but there was not much to post about sadly, was kinda a dull day, so dull I did not even play any video games yesterday. The only two point of interest would be that I finished Warrior's Apprentice and went to the gym and rode for half an hour and got drenched in sweat which is good because it was more sweat than I have had for a long long time, so I am getting healthier, which is always something to say yea! about.

Today I don't know what I am going to do, I am thinking about playing Oblivion some more, but I am trying to figure out how to fix this glitch where Baurus gets stuck, but there maybe a few ways around this that I will try.
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Well today is starting out well, had a Raisin Cinnamon Bagel for breakfast with egg and cheese in the middle, it was really good and simple enough I was able to make it for myself! Anyways today finally for the first time since coming home woke up before nine in the morning and got out of bed. Also it is RAINING!!! I have missed rain, clouds, and nice cool weather since I started going to college, the campus does not get a lot of rain, but when it does it is a downpour!

Anyways today I am aiming to work some more on my Bionicle fanfic, do some yard work, and play some more The Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion, I love free form RPG's an my desktop can run it so double yea! Well time to probably re-read what I have and then start writting new stuff, that or play Oblivion. Yes I hate doing yard work that much.
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So last night I finally beat Crysis, it is a lot harder game than most people would think since it is a FPS, but it is more of a Stealth FPS/RPG which is what kept getting me. Then again so does having to drive a fucking tank that the turret is super sluggish on rotation making it a pain just to survive a encounter with another tank... Anyways got past the drunken VTOL level too, which is a insane part of the game, and annoying since the bloody thing has a random variation on what its top speed is... Oh well Crysis is beaten which means that I have beaten every computer game I own now, which is always something that I strive to do, even though it has no actual value.

Today I am thinking that I am either going to build a few MOC's (My Own Creation, from the Bionicle fan world), read some more of the Halo series while I wait for Warriors Apprentice to arrive at the Library, or find some other games to play. Most likely I will end up doing all of those though. I really want to make a new MOC (updating that is) for Kurorahk, but we will see what happens.
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Well today I had really bad sleep, I went to bed around 11:30pm last night, and fell asleep around midnight. For the rest of the night I woke up every hour or so, I don't know how I am running as well as I am today with such bad sleep. Anyways I guess today was a wasted day, I only played video games on my desktop, and am now going to make a new Magic deck, then pit it up against my current good deck (R,G,B deck with Dragons, Wurms, and Flying Zombies) then probably go back to playing games on my desktop.

I really want to go back to college, for two reasons, one my good friend whom I miss a lot, and only get to talk to every once and a while (which is okay!) and two I will have some sort of structure to my life again plus lots of food!

Well dysprositos hope your day went well!
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Well today was going to be a Halo Triathlon starting with 1 and moving through 2, then finally finishing up with 3. However things did not go as planned, and my Xbox decided not to put out video anymore so I ended up playing Halo 3 on Heroic with my friend. It ended up okay an fun but disappointing since we wanted to play the Halo Trilogy (we are not including Halo Wars due to the lack of co-op on one Xbox 360, and that he did not have it either). We got through the whole thing and both felt that it was far to easy even though it was on Heroic. Afterwards he showed me Prey and Timeshift. Prey looks good, but Timeshift looks amazing to me, it has three things I love in FPS games, 1) A superpower that is limited, 2) weird technology on a none Earth world (or AU as it might be)/SciFi, 3) Steampunk.

Any ways today was good, though only like 12 hours of it have been dealt with while I have been awake so kinda hard to judge :P What ever I just hope that things will proceed to be okay.


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