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So I finished watching VR.5 with [personal profile] dysprositos who I think will be doing their own reaction post at some point as well. But after seeing the last three episodes I can only think of two things, well we came up with these together. One that they knew that they only had three episodes left and built it up like mad to make people really upset that it got killed as the show was just about to become even more awesome. Or two, that this was the way there where already going but with the rest of the season cut they have the biggest cliffhanger in existence. I mean the show was about to take a amazing turn to hit all of my show kinks, or at least a vast majority of them.

It is upsetting and I am being deliberately vague here so that those who have not seen it go and watch VR.5 right now. It is amazing if you don't like it I don't know what is wrong with you but something is.

In short VR.5 is amazing, the acting is good, the characters are smart and stay who they are and never act out of character. They all have great amounts of depth and feeling in them. The soundtrack is alright, do agree though the Sci-fi Channel version of the sound track is oh so wrong at points.


Feb. 20th, 2010 02:06 am
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These are the results of this week of over working, being injured, and far to stressed.

I have been up to long, been over stressed, and my body has been working on keeping me healthy and fixing itself... I am starting to see people in the corner of my sight, I hear people following me, talking, shouting... Yeah I am going to sleep this off now... And hope it is just all that and not something else.

Also finished watching VR.5 more on this later though.


Feb. 18th, 2010 10:16 pm
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Okay so nobody warned me about VR.5 having a nice episode with dolls that are well creepy. And yeah I am not a fan of Creepy Dolls. Frakking Eyeless Doll none the less... Ugh not what I wanted to watch before I go to bed...

ETA: Well okay music still is freaking me out a little but it is getting much better. The episode in question is "Send Me An Angel." Still though just the doll earlier on was enough to freak me out. Though I don't mind the exploration of Sid and Duncan's past the intro to the episode freaked me a bit. But still I love that the characters are smart and get things quickly.
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I have a problem with shows. The problem with them is that if they are good in any way I will watch all of it, I do this with web comics too. It is a bad habit only due to the amount of time it consumes. I mean okay [personal profile] dysprositos tried to get me to start watching VR.5 which actually is exactly the type of show I like, the problem is that I know even if the episodes are for the most part disconnected I would still end up using up around 11 hours to watch all the episodes in one sitting. I don't have that kind of time right now. The other problem is that with having several other shows that I am currently watching this would really kill everything else that I am planning on doing or have to go do. I mean right now I am watching: Angel, Buffy, Leverage, Being Human, Bleach (and reading the Manga as it comes out), and soon VR.5.

Yeah that does not seem like a lot of shows but each one is about 45 minutes long, except for Bleach with is 22 minutes long. This along with my addiction to Video Games (not really an addiction as I don't have withdraws or anything like that) would kill my time that I need for doing Homework and studying for classes and tests. Expecially this week as I have my Physics 3 midterm over Electric Fields, Capacitors, and Electric Potential Difference, which is not a easy set of subjects. I just hope that this weekend (yes it is only Tuesday and I am looking forward to the weekend) that I can sit down and watch these shows and take care of most of the ones that have already aired and ended because then it will be back down to a manageable level of stuff I want to do. Though with only around an hour between classes for Wednesday and Friday I don't think that I will be able to fit any shows in tell after Dinner.

Man this test for Physics 3 is going to destroy me physically and emotionally due to just how hard the subjects are. Plus recovering from yesterday.


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