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Still alive here, and almost done packing. Going down early Friday with a lot of stuff in tow, however not that bad since it is a lot less stuff than previous times.

My Chaos Space Marines today got me one victory and almost a second, however it was mostly my fault not the dice or the units themselves that cause the loss. Need to work on my tactics more but hey for my forth and fifth matches not bad, currently standing at three wins and two losses.

Just need to finish packing and send my three boxes to arrive Monday and well hopefully everything goes off without a hitch.
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So just a update that is a bit overdue.

First thing is that I am enjoying reading "A Civil Campaign" by Lois McMaster Bujold. I like it and find it not as depressing as some of the past few books, "Komarr" was alright as well but "A Civil Campaign" is a lot less sad so far.

In other news I am almost done with NCIS, as in the whole series. NCIS: LA is up next, and I will find it interesting.

In other other news I last Sunday I went to Rainy Day Games with what I have in the way of a Chaos Space Marines 750 point force. First game was a 1v1 and I won which felt good and also it was fun and the person I was up against had fun as well. After the 1v1 it went to 1v2 me and a player using Necron. We fought against a Chaos Space Marine force of 1200 points, we got toasted which bite but was not that bad. The second battle also made my mind up instead of going Imperial Guard for my second army I am going Tyranid which will be fun and interesting.
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So tomorrow I am going in at 9am to get three wisdom teeth removed. They are going to use some drugs, but the main thing is this is the first time I have ever had surgery. I am a bit uptight about it due to seeing how the drugs worked on my brother a few years back. I don't like being loopy, and that is how he was acting. Though I am a fast healer so hopefully will not be out to long.

Cut as don't want to gross people out with talk about sickness. )
So my birthday went well for me, watched Iron Man 2 which I enjoyed though it was loud. Got home had a nice simple dinner. Had a Magic swirl cake. Then after that got a printer for college, which is nice as I no longer have to go to the library to print stuff off. Which living on the opposite side of the campus makes annoying. Got the 40K 5th edition codex, big book, costs more than it should in my opinion, well everything related to 40k from Gamesworkshop is over priced. Also found out that Jo-Ann's carries enamel paints of three to four times the volume of Hillsboro Hobby Shop for only twice if not one and a half times the price.

Well tomorrow will be interesting to say the least. Probably will not be able to talk though for most of tomorrow.
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So this Tuesday Humans versus Zombies will start up on my campus for the first time. We have one tenth of the school population playing. This will be amazing and fun, and drive my paranoia through the roof. Tonight we have a informational meeting but registration is still open tell Midnight when the game begins. Though I highly doubt I will be out and about at that time or later.

In other news my packages have yet to show themselves which is annoying due to they should have been here on Friday. Passing all of my classes as well, and fixing my coat slowly. Trench coat's lining is a pain to fix...
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Or not so quick depending on how long this ends up.

One, I did not know there was a Stargate Convention in British Columbia on April 16th, only heard about it due to my Mothers boss and a few of her co-workers are going next week. (My Mom works at a accounting firm so April 16th they get off.) My Mom has no connections to fandom and just randomly fandom showed up in my life.

Two, ordered parts for making my own custom Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer which is awesome and a great way to spend time without being to engrossed for finals. The reason why I am making my own is due to the sets that Games Workshop has out for the Sorcerer don't have the feel I want. Also are metal and IDK if I can paint or even glue the metal together with the supplies I have. But anyways it will be fun.

Three, Eleven is awesome, I like how much turn around we have from the end of Ten. It is very fun and pleasant to have a happy Doctor and that Ami knew that we must preserve happy doctor. However the hammering it home about how the Doctor is the last of his kind and alone but does nice things for the children (Humanity) was annoying. All in all I love Eleven and Matt Smith has vanquished all my thoughts about him not being right for the Doctor (mainly the face but after seeing his acting nope he is good).

Bonus, been messing around with Windows 7 themes to make my own, turning out nicely so far.
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Finally another post, been busy but the type that is not too interesting tell now. Descend into Chaos if you dare... )
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So next Monday I am back at college, but here is the problem my sleep schedule is messed up badly. So I am going to go to sleep in the middle of the day and hopefully only nap. If it all works out by the time I head back I will be on a normalish sleep schedule and everything if not well things at school will force it to be in the right shape pretty fast.

In other news Warhammer 40K miniatures here are all painted, waiting for my laptops new speaker to come in and working on getting method of shipping my painting supplies and glue down to college so I can paint my Chaos Predator Tank that will be getting there soonish. Also probably will put up photos of my painted miniatures up after I get up from this nap thing.

Time to go Incommunicado
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Happy New Years everyone and hope everyone is having a good day, or at least one that is not bad. So right now I am waiting for my paint to dry so I can go lay down the black base for the rest of my Chaos Terminator Lord. Got all the Gold painted on, so now it is putting down the dark base and then on the parts that already have base on them start painting the proper colors. Right now though having a bit of trouble figuring out which version of the five possible heads I want to use for my Termi Lord. I would put up pictures of it's current status but can't get photos off my camera due to can't find a cord for the camera nor the sd card reader for its card.

But not much longer tell I go back to painting then after that take another break to let it dry some more. Probably at that time I will watch the new episode of Doctor Who.
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Happy Corporate Holiday to everyone who celibates it! Oh and to Christians and derivative religions of Christianity Merry Christmas to you too! As for those who don't celibate those two have a very good day and look out for crazy people not caring about those with different beliefs to theirs today is their day (like every other day it seems) to forget there are other religions/belief systems than theirs.

To the heart of things, yesterday and today where good and I am about to go take a nap as I am now tired from being up for a while only powered by sugar (surprised I lasted as long as I have). Anyways life has been good, and now that my laptop is down, somewhat enjoying things a bit more after getting over it breaking. Next week is going to be busy as my brother and I have a dentist appointment and also going out to get some paint and glue for my Warhammer 40k Chaos Terminator Lord that I got, and to get the wire for my laptop. Though once I have said cable the next task will be looking into getting new speakers for my laptop so it can put out audio instead of being mute all the time.

But really Christmas is more of a Corporate Holiday than a Christian one it feels. Also feels a bit awkward being the only Atheist in a room of 20+ people who all are fairly Catholic or at least Deist. Ah the joys of Christmas Eve being surrounded by those who believe in something you don't and still getting a gift from the Grand parents anyways. Just glad that this year I dodged being made to read either of the Christmas stories (Christ's birth and A Visit From St. Nicholas).

Now to go nap, thank Chaos that it did not snow this year, that can wait tell I am safely back at college.
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Well got up and went to the dentist who said I need to floss in the back of my mouth more where I have trouble flossing already, which she laughed at. It is good to have lighthearted people in the medical community. Though technically she was the equivalent to a nurse but still it is nice to see people joking about.

In any case today is going to be as annoying as any other Monday or Wednesday that I have for the rest of the summer. Still can't believe the fact that I go back to ERAU the day after my Micro Econ final... Anyways I am starting to cook up some new icons for myself, mainly pertaining to Warhammer 40K universe for their origin so expect to see the star of Chaos some where in there.

I did not have any really odd dreams, well disturbing dreams I should say thankfully. I did have a dream that thanks to all the Warhammer 40K stuff I have been reading was in the Warhammer 40K universe, well more of I could manifest Chaos Terminator Lord armor and weaponry, also I was at college instead of at home. Then the Tyranids attacked the campus, it was quite odd... But it was fun fighting along side those who I know against a great alien force that would consume the planet. Though why the hell they decided to land in a bloody (or at least it was by the end of things) desert is beyond me given they try to consume biomass to make more of themselves.

It was fun though mainly due to I had no idea that it was a dream so it was basically the most epic scale dream I have had in a long time. Also there was a global conquest on my part to destroy any points where the Tyranids had landed at. Quite fun due to I can pull of more than just random USA city within my dreams due to movies, anime, and actually going outside of the continent.

Well that is all I have time for today, got to study a bit for Micro Econ, and take a shower.
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Well I am rested up again, just in time to start studying again for Micro Econ. I really hope that I get more yard work done before the summer ends though otherwise I will be without my desktop. Probably will do some yard work Monday or Tuesday, or both who knows.

Anyways finished Dawn of War 2 today, finally. Also I hate you steam I would like it if I chose where a game installed, to not have to have internet connection to play said game, oh and also have one less task taking up my ram that Vista eats by the Gigabyte... Anyways, I always love avatars, no not like Avatar the Last Airbender though that show was awesome and the movie will be more fail than Transformers 2. Any ways back to my subject Avatars, I like avatars, I like to have a avatar that represents me, I like the Warhammer 40k universe, and as such have been looking at the different sides to find a unit to get,assembly, and paint to be my current avatar. I have decided on the Chaos Terminator Lord, but it will be a while tell I get it.

Anyways time to kick back for what remains of the day and go over the Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marine Codex.
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Well today seems to be setting up for the beginning of a trend. Waking up before 8am, make breakfast of egg (omelet style) and cheese cinnamon bagel for breakfast, shower/shave, work (today's case yard work),shower, lunch, possible more yard work, video games, dinner, then random time. Really this is good for me, means that I am getting to the point where I don't sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day, and am getting good and full meals in too. I guess that some might disagree with the video games being a actual part of the day but it is my down time just devoted to leisure time which is needed to be being enjoyed. I have no doubt though this schedule will degrade once I head back to College come this fall, well mid August.

Anyways I got my hands on Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 made by THQ, and Relic. I must say for a RTS it is really good. However DOW2 has more of a RPG feeling with all the customization that you get to do with your units, but it is insanely fun, though gory too.

Well now to watch Code Geass again, why? Because I really like it and I have no idea when what is on TV anymore.

Side note saw Kings episode 6 "Brotherhood" was good, treacherous, and lacking in knowledge of how to do a Spec Opt mission. Oh well at least they showed how being a idiot can get people hurt or killed in combat situations. Also unnamed commando who goes solely by Commando #1 in the credits knew not to get messed up with named characters nor get a name. It seems Kings has inverse red shirt syndrome as I told [personal profile] dysprositos last night, named characters are getting killed but unnamed are remaining fine. Well of course besides the plague thing that had to be unnamed otherwise huge cast.


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