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It is way to hot for my taste, but not hotter than it could get. Next I should note yesterday I had no internet so all I could do is realize how hot it was. As you are seeing this post you probably can tell I have internet back. One day with out internet was bad, however found out it was due to some weird stuff happening with the providers. However now I can access and alter my port forwarding stuff which is nice.

Second note, I have a lot of screen caps to make into icons from Full Metal Panic, my main thing is working out which ones I want to use as I only have fifteen slots and I have more than that in pics.

Anyways it is great to be back online, I can ignore the heat better when I have a distraction.

A week of 95°F weather is not fun, and today is only the second day of it.
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Summer is (thankfully) zooming by. Things here have been going nicely and well I must say it is enjoyable to get so much time off.

Down side is that it is not past July 4th, which for here means... yeah heat waves, bad ones. Not super hot like last year yet but 95°F for five days strait... not going to be fun soon. However I am getting used to my room during the day being around 80°F which is around what it was for most of last summer when it got ungodly hot out.

Still though by the Emperor why?!

Also finally got a new icon, still need to go through the rest of Full Metal Panic! and find some more.


Dec. 7th, 2009 11:36 pm
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Because I find storms awesome and what not I am posting.

So today big storm out of Alaska/Canada is hitting where I am, it is knocking out power to parts of the school, driving winds of that of the Oregon Gorge. It is constantly howling. Also snow sticking is awesome for me, not enough back home for my tastes usually. Also what is more awesome than a Snow storm with driving winds? Simple a snow storm with LIGHTNING it is awesome, well the two times it happened was. The building I live in keeps browning out, well not just lights flickering but yeah awesome to me as does not happen often and I love a good storm.

Anyways also finals week here, but only one left for me then home, dreaded home, don't want to leave because I get free time soon but I can't spend it the way I want to.
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Since I do not know how much longer I get to be online today I am posting a few last things. A storm has hit Oregon, western Oregon actually, around the Salem area, with threats of hail, tornadoes and all sorts of other fun stuff too. And it is heading up my way now, with the front of the thunder system a odd 30-50 miles out well probably about an hour tell it hits. We just got pelted with a wall of wind (about an hour ago), and have been since then hearing thunder, having light to strong wind and rain hitting us. About half an hour ago I saw a lightning strike, took about 90 seconds to hear it, color purple. Right now it is raining lightly all be it, but according to the weather channel the main section of the storm is heading north towards Vernonia. Vernonia is close enough to where I live that I am worried about what is going to hit, and right now(18:07 PST) the rain is increasing in strength.

Well that is all for now lightning in close proximity at 18:08 PST!!!

Hump... Other than the two lightning strikes at my house (at 18:08 PST) and the heavy wind that was a disappointing storm...

Whatever though we are still being warned of continued thunderstorms, so there maybe more fun weather on its way.


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