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Well today is starting out well, had a Raisin Cinnamon Bagel for breakfast with egg and cheese in the middle, it was really good and simple enough I was able to make it for myself! Anyways today finally for the first time since coming home woke up before nine in the morning and got out of bed. Also it is RAINING!!! I have missed rain, clouds, and nice cool weather since I started going to college, the campus does not get a lot of rain, but when it does it is a downpour!

Anyways today I am aiming to work some more on my Bionicle fanfic, do some yard work, and play some more The Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion, I love free form RPG's an my desktop can run it so double yea! Well time to probably re-read what I have and then start writting new stuff, that or play Oblivion. Yes I hate doing yard work that much.
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Well first thing I did today was look at the forecast, hoping for a period where it gets cool again and cloudy. I saw tomorrow was supposed to have clouds and also the rest of the week, then I looked a the temperature it was horrible, same temperature but with clouds...

Anyways yesterday I build a new moc, not of Kurorahk though, but of a Makuta scientist who performed experiments on him. Yes I have a whole giant history for Kurorahk and actually wrote a bit of it, though it is pretty bad, though I probably should try to rewrite it.

Alright so today it is already at 82 Fahrenheit outside and it is only 3:30pm and the sun does not set tell about 8:30pm today, so horribly hot day without AC which is always the case for at home sadly. This does not help with my sleeping problems either, which I think I figured out. The main reason why I have been sleeping so much, other than catching up on sleep from college, is that I have very little protein here at home to eat, and while a college I had a lot of protein in my diet. I know that I run practically only on protein so this probably is the cause for the extra 4 hours on top of my normal 8-9 hour sleep.

Well time to try to stay cool and not give into eating a huge amount again...


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