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Hello all, not much exciting has been going on but whatever I need to keep in the habit of making posts and also writing. So lets just jump into what has been going on.

So been watching The Spoony Experiment, which is much like Nostalgia Critic reviews old games and movies. It is nice to actually hear opinions on old games and movies some I have seen and played and some that I have not by Spoony mainly focuses on the really bad games and movies which makes it interesting. Anyways mainly been watching it due to it is humor and I have been watching a lot of drama thanks to NCIS and NCIS: LA.

Past that I have been reading A Civil Campaign, still not done yet as it is for pleasure not work, and wow how I can relate to far to many of the romances and both parties in each romance. Though I wish I had not stayed up tell 5am reading the book as now I have to deal with a even more messed up sleep schedule than before.

Third thing is that today I went out and worked for two hours, starting out with cleaning our garage a bit, then moving on to working on my Mothers bench, and finally to spreading gypsum across the yard to help reduce the clay content in the soil. That last one took the longest due to I was working on one acre of land with just my hands to spread it. Needless to say my feet are killing me for being on them for two hours without break.

Also got to thinking that I might make a separate account just for NONE if it starts up again just so when we are in off season I can have misadventures myself.

Wish my headaches would stop, thankfully now they are only based on hydration.


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Well today is starting out well, had a Raisin Cinnamon Bagel for breakfast with egg and cheese in the middle, it was really good and simple enough I was able to make it for myself! Anyways today finally for the first time since coming home woke up before nine in the morning and got out of bed. Also it is RAINING!!! I have missed rain, clouds, and nice cool weather since I started going to college, the campus does not get a lot of rain, but when it does it is a downpour!

Anyways today I am aiming to work some more on my Bionicle fanfic, do some yard work, and play some more The Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion, I love free form RPG's an my desktop can run it so double yea! Well time to probably re-read what I have and then start writting new stuff, that or play Oblivion. Yes I hate doing yard work that much.
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Well just finished doing half an hour of yard work under the forest (a 200 ft, by 50 ft rectangle of dense pine tries that tower to about 150-160 ft) and got eaten alive but mosquitoes... But now I have done 1 hour of work towards my 34 hours of work needed to pay off my desktop, so overall (as long as I don't get sick) a win. Overheated now and am exposing as much skin as I can with the rest of my family awake/around, and adding new cold coolant to my system. Beyond that I have worked once again on my Bionicle Epic (consisting so far of 7 chapters about 50K words each) and found out that I am one sadistic bastard to my characters. I also made a prop for my Makuta (still unnamed and needs a name), I am going to try to name her, but any input (please us the previous entry) would be much appreciated.

Anyways going to take some pics of her and of the experiment restraint and testing bed that I made as a prop for her, with Kurorahk of course getting hurt.

While working I came up with several hilarious ideas for podcasts, or vidcasts. Main idea is get two people to talk about new technology that the Makuta have come up with, or for more general populace one revolving around going through all of Torchwood's alien artifacts at talk about each one, though I would need a second person to do it with...


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