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Finally another post, been busy but the type that is not too interesting tell now. Descend into Chaos if you dare... )
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So next Monday I am back at college, but here is the problem my sleep schedule is messed up badly. So I am going to go to sleep in the middle of the day and hopefully only nap. If it all works out by the time I head back I will be on a normalish sleep schedule and everything if not well things at school will force it to be in the right shape pretty fast.

In other news Warhammer 40K miniatures here are all painted, waiting for my laptops new speaker to come in and working on getting method of shipping my painting supplies and glue down to college so I can paint my Chaos Predator Tank that will be getting there soonish. Also probably will put up photos of my painted miniatures up after I get up from this nap thing.

Time to go Incommunicado
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Happy New Years everyone and hope everyone is having a good day, or at least one that is not bad. So right now I am waiting for my paint to dry so I can go lay down the black base for the rest of my Chaos Terminator Lord. Got all the Gold painted on, so now it is putting down the dark base and then on the parts that already have base on them start painting the proper colors. Right now though having a bit of trouble figuring out which version of the five possible heads I want to use for my Termi Lord. I would put up pictures of it's current status but can't get photos off my camera due to can't find a cord for the camera nor the sd card reader for its card.

But not much longer tell I go back to painting then after that take another break to let it dry some more. Probably at that time I will watch the new episode of Doctor Who.
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So today has been long and odd, mainly got up yesterday at 4pm and have been running sense, that and I predicted the weather right, and I have to get my four wisdom teeth pulled when I get back from College. So yeah it is snowing, had a good check up for my teeth and what not, and am tired. At the dentists I also got my head stuck into a radial x-ray machine, which was a odd experience for me (it just felt odd). Anyways I am going to eat, relax some maybe go to bed early, and then finish off Memory which is one of the most depressing Miles Vorkosigan books ever.

Oh oh before I forget I ordered the parts to fix my laptop seeing as I could not find a local source for it, but those should be here in like a week or less. Less I hope so I can get to doing fun stuff again.

It is weird reading all these books as I feel that Miles is rubbing off on me, thankfully only in the my thought pattern is starting to emulate Miles' thought patterns. Then again it could all be due to lack of sleep and food.
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Happy Corporate Holiday to everyone who celibates it! Oh and to Christians and derivative religions of Christianity Merry Christmas to you too! As for those who don't celibate those two have a very good day and look out for crazy people not caring about those with different beliefs to theirs today is their day (like every other day it seems) to forget there are other religions/belief systems than theirs.

To the heart of things, yesterday and today where good and I am about to go take a nap as I am now tired from being up for a while only powered by sugar (surprised I lasted as long as I have). Anyways life has been good, and now that my laptop is down, somewhat enjoying things a bit more after getting over it breaking. Next week is going to be busy as my brother and I have a dentist appointment and also going out to get some paint and glue for my Warhammer 40k Chaos Terminator Lord that I got, and to get the wire for my laptop. Though once I have said cable the next task will be looking into getting new speakers for my laptop so it can put out audio instead of being mute all the time.

But really Christmas is more of a Corporate Holiday than a Christian one it feels. Also feels a bit awkward being the only Atheist in a room of 20+ people who all are fairly Catholic or at least Deist. Ah the joys of Christmas Eve being surrounded by those who believe in something you don't and still getting a gift from the Grand parents anyways. Just glad that this year I dodged being made to read either of the Christmas stories (Christ's birth and A Visit From St. Nicholas).

Now to go nap, thank Chaos that it did not snow this year, that can wait tell I am safely back at college.
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So I took apart my laptop to try to find the source of the audio problem, and put it back together so that it still works just as it did before I disassembled it. Problem is that well my laptop still does not recognize my speakers but things are working quite nicely. I do want to say though I am never buying a HP machine again, either making my own or getting a Dell or Gateway laptop, maybe Acer.

But if it is just my speakers as I am hoping I may be able to get a replacement from a computer recycling place near my parents house. If not well wonderful, but the two parts that I think are bad I hope I can get replacements for the speakers or the front panel.

Anyways at least I have a functional terminal to the internet which is a big relief to me. Only problem is nobody to talk to on the internet, all my friends are either in different time zones or traveling, or just plain not online. Thankfully my brother is being somewhat entertaining.

ETA: Well scratch the still working part was trying to connect something back in so I could seal it all the way back up but the little pieces of metal on the what I can only assume is paper flaked off and disappeared... So now it does not even turn on, but oh well using my moms laptop for now, going to see about getting replacement parts for the little bloody wires but also look into getting new speakers as well. To complex it seems for something so simple...
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The title might be a bit over the top but I have gotten my laptop back in working order, minus audio. Looks like I need to open up my laptop completely so I can get at my mobo and check for what is wrong with my sound. However my laptop does beep annoyingly loudly when I hit a key at the wrong time. To this end I want to destroy the internal speakers so my laptop can never beep at me in loud and annoying levels.


Dec. 14th, 2009 03:07 pm
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I hate my Calc 2 teacher he does a good job I guess, but for me even though I had a 86% solid in his class he still felt the need to fail me. By fail me I mean a D, a D means that I am done, even though I got a A in one class of the same credit hour worth, and C's in the other classes by the looks of things. Looks like I am done at this college, though going to hope like hell that my mom sees otherwise and I can get my teacher to reconsider or at least show me what I did wrong so that way I know what I actually need to work on. Just it is so annoying to have this happen... I don't like this sort of shit it just really I am screwed now.

I may get to fix some of my problems but unless I can change my calc 2 teachers mind on the final so that at least I get a C I am done and stuck at home going to crappy colleges here. I don't want to go to PSU it just no... I don't like that place it feels so wrong and I would most likely just give up as the classes probably don't even transfer. Guess I have to hope I can do enough talking to get past this, hate having to fall back on manipulation to go forward in my classes and my education but it looks like no choice now.
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No not a rant/essay about life being hectic or something like that, no just lot of things to do today that I want to push off. Mainly going home I want to wait for a day... I want to stay here have a day where all I have to do is pack and clean, which would give me a chance to hang out with my friends, mainly one though.

Also get to see how well I can get stuff to work on WINE on Ubuntu 9.10 so I have stuff to do over the break besides reading and sleeping.


Dec. 7th, 2009 11:36 pm
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Because I find storms awesome and what not I am posting.

So today big storm out of Alaska/Canada is hitting where I am, it is knocking out power to parts of the school, driving winds of that of the Oregon Gorge. It is constantly howling. Also snow sticking is awesome for me, not enough back home for my tastes usually. Also what is more awesome than a Snow storm with driving winds? Simple a snow storm with LIGHTNING it is awesome, well the two times it happened was. The building I live in keeps browning out, well not just lights flickering but yeah awesome to me as does not happen often and I love a good storm.

Anyways also finals week here, but only one left for me then home, dreaded home, don't want to leave because I get free time soon but I can't spend it the way I want to.
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So today I had to upgrade to Windows 7, now this is a good thing I was planning to anyways just was waiting tell my disk got here; my C:\ decided that the right time was today though.

This morning at 5:30am (first time this week I have gotten up after 3:30am...) I got up and started using my desktop. Mainly to watch the launch of the Ares-1X (which I missed later on) but then my C:\ started to run at 100% for long periods of time, and getting hot. Then it Blue Screen of Death on me. I did not realize tell around 2pm or so that the drive was actually going out for good tell it made the clicking sounds of doom/death. Then it was on, the race to download the no disk installer for Windows 7 before the C:\ died.

Got 66% of the way through the download and then it died, my bios went with it too, but I was lucky that my Motherboard has two bios on it so all was good there. Went to a friend who has the disk for 7 installed it and have been running it since around 6pm.

My verdict on Windows 7 is that it is vastly superior to Vista, and XP can eat Windows 7's dust as it has less functionality and ease of access to programs, files, and easy to understand layout than XP did.
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Yeah so far woke up way to early at a nice early hour of 3:38am and could not go back to sleep because of being to warm. Go outside at 7:00am and it has dropped 6̊F. So yeah 30°F is not fun to walk in with wet hair while going to breakfast. I swear here the temperature lowers when the sun rises to throw people off and kill them.
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So woke up as my roommate and sever friends came in then a moment later a tour group came in. Yeah I don't like getting out of bed with people I don't know around even when I am in PJ's (like I was today).

So yeah interesting start to today...
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Things are going better than they where, mainly I am not sick now which is yea. Got a lot of work done today and also watched the 2004 version of The Phantom of the Opera. Rather interesting watch/listen but not the best movie/play/opera I have ever seen. (If you ask what is the best IDK but it is not TPotO to say the least.) Also having a odd sized enter key and a smaller than normal backspace key is throwing me off badly.

So yeah been productive this weekend mainly today which is funny as this is the don't work day for Christians. Personally I think Saturday is the do nothing at all day.
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So yeah I got the flu it seems, so today I did not go to any of my classes and have been sleeping most of the time. Other than sleeping I watched all of Halo 3 ODST via youtube (really Youtube is awesome but annoying about the copyright thing for vids) and doing homework.

I really hate being sick...
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So things have been going okay for the past little while. By okay I mean my college work has been digging me a nice early grave. Yeah so it seems that with all my classes being a total of 12 credit hours I still am getting wiped out by it, then again the classes that are the work does take a fair amount of time to do so it does even out in a way.

Also I got sick, by who or what don't know probably some carrier who went to class and still is not sick which is what always seems to happen. Then again fair number of people on campus also have colds too so who knows.

Would have slept in a lot later but well guess I am still a light enough sleeper that when the power comes back on, not goes out, I wake up which confused me tell I saw my clock blinking this morning. So glad I brought a surge protector/power cable with me this year cause the room did not come with one.
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Yeah homework is not catching up to me, as I am just burned out pretty much from my desktop, now fixed fully, going and stop functioning, and the early up times for classes most of the week.

Currently I am working on Physics and Tech Report Writing. Thankfully not that bad and I am going to get next weeks Physics done ASAP after the Tech Report Writing assignment is in.

Long days are not fun unless I get some down time at the end with a good friend.
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So yeah stuff is happening, mainly lots of homework and not much time for other stuff. Still alive and doing science, well Physics, so yeah tired a lot but that is what happens when you have to get up early most days and get no chance to nap.

Other than that things are going very well and I am enjoying year two of college so far!
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So I am at college now, moved in and have all my stuff for this year. Now thanks to how my day is set up I have a lot of time to do work... however I am starting back up with modding of Tiberian Sun. This may not be the most productive thing but hell I am listening to good music and doing something I love and it is a good outlet of frustration compared to like say sleeping or getting pissed off at math not working.

Well first thing I am doing is making a mod that has all my stuff in it first that also runs with out any IE's and what not. Also apparently my Desktops case smells like hot chocolate which is odd. I found this out because I smelled something like burning stuff but it was just the case of my desktop.

On a side note I am getting worried by all the voices and sounds I am hearing in my room. Then again not all to well soundproofed room so it could just be noise leaking in.
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Got to college fine, got everything moved in fine, everything is working fine. I don't feel fine. *sighs* Now this is something that happens to me a lot, I get things going swell and then a monkey wrench flies into the machinery of my life and makes everything feel like it is falling apart. I curse my sensitive nature for this. Yes depressed is what most people would call my state of being but I am just IDK it is not depression I just feel out of it like to many things hitting me at once like I am not able to adapt to cope with so things going on.

So I am going to go relax hope for the best, and maybe try to figure out what to do tell well the monkey wrench is gone and I am back to my 'normal' self.


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