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So just watched it, I have to say interesting and that the Doctor seems to forget a lot of things.

1. So I have to say that this episode was a bit of a let down. By this I mean the Doctor and everyone else seemed a bit slow on the cause and effect going on.

2. Having said that, it was interesting to see people just follow what the Doctor says once he shows that he is not just some mad man running around creating random Ministries that are relevant to the situation.

3. I like that the Doctor is up to multiple companions, I mean yeah companions are for just the two-parter but it is nice to see him not being rejecting of companions even if he is snippy at them.

4. Did anyone else feel odd with the Doctors conversation with the Terran (using that name as I forget the species name) seemed like a bit of a lecture on the rights to historical lands? I mean for me it sounded something like the Israel-Palestine conflict. On one side we have the group who is in exile bellow the crust while another race unknowingly grows up in what was once the formers land. Now I do think it is harsh of them to go on a genocidal killing spree due to you know try to co-inhabit a planet before you just go willy-nilly on the death stuff.

5. I know the characters are not supposed to be all to genera savvy but still at some point common sense has to kick in. Then again the Doctor might have thrown that into a Supernova with the manual for the TARDIS.


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