Jul. 24th, 2010 07:07 pm
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So not much been going on with me, I now own my desktop completely which is nice as that means I have unrestricted access to it other than you know my own choices on where I put it. Went to a Renaissance Faire which was fun, but really small. Been hunting down a knife for myself, but want to keep it under three inches, but I think I want it also to be a throwing knife. And really the knife part is due to I have a 'knife' on my Swiss Army Knife knockoff but it can barely cut paper when sharpened and since I get a lot of packages it would be nice to actually be able to open them. I also want throwing knifes and a knife in general due to the wildlife back at school is just so dangerous that throwing is preferable to closing, but also a knife in general is better than a butter knife.

Rewatched Neon Genesis Evangelion, and have yet to watch essentially the reboot of the series but have that as well. Psychology class is going... alright dull though but what can you expect from a 201 class. Working on getting some more money so I don't feel so uneasy spending any of it. Also looking at getting into a Astrophysics class back at school since I don't need to take two other classes I signed up for.

First day of heat here... I am not happy with this weather. Last week it kept taunting me with having clouds moving over us, kept thinking it would rain or something but no just cleared off and got hot. Can't even air out my room at night thanks to the field across from me is being harvested at night.

I say it again I hate summer. However yea for three hour plus phone calls, they are fun as only one person ever has them with me.
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