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Or not so quick depending on how long this ends up.

One, I did not know there was a Stargate Convention in British Columbia on April 16th, only heard about it due to my Mothers boss and a few of her co-workers are going next week. (My Mom works at a accounting firm so April 16th they get off.) My Mom has no connections to fandom and just randomly fandom showed up in my life.

Two, ordered parts for making my own custom Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer which is awesome and a great way to spend time without being to engrossed for finals. The reason why I am making my own is due to the sets that Games Workshop has out for the Sorcerer don't have the feel I want. Also are metal and IDK if I can paint or even glue the metal together with the supplies I have. But anyways it will be fun.

Three, Eleven is awesome, I like how much turn around we have from the end of Ten. It is very fun and pleasant to have a happy Doctor and that Ami knew that we must preserve happy doctor. However the hammering it home about how the Doctor is the last of his kind and alone but does nice things for the children (Humanity) was annoying. All in all I love Eleven and Matt Smith has vanquished all my thoughts about him not being right for the Doctor (mainly the face but after seeing his acting nope he is good).

Bonus, been messing around with Windows 7 themes to make my own, turning out nicely so far.
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Well just finished doing half an hour of yard work under the forest (a 200 ft, by 50 ft rectangle of dense pine tries that tower to about 150-160 ft) and got eaten alive but mosquitoes... But now I have done 1 hour of work towards my 34 hours of work needed to pay off my desktop, so overall (as long as I don't get sick) a win. Overheated now and am exposing as much skin as I can with the rest of my family awake/around, and adding new cold coolant to my system. Beyond that I have worked once again on my Bionicle Epic (consisting so far of 7 chapters about 50K words each) and found out that I am one sadistic bastard to my characters. I also made a prop for my Makuta (still unnamed and needs a name), I am going to try to name her, but any input (please us the previous entry) would be much appreciated.

Anyways going to take some pics of her and of the experiment restraint and testing bed that I made as a prop for her, with Kurorahk of course getting hurt.

While working I came up with several hilarious ideas for podcasts, or vidcasts. Main idea is get two people to talk about new technology that the Makuta have come up with, or for more general populace one revolving around going through all of Torchwood's alien artifacts at talk about each one, though I would need a second person to do it with...


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