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So off and on for about the past month or two I have been sick. What with I don't know but it is really bad for me as it affects my ability to think clearly. I also have been busy working on trying to keep up with my classes which is not easy when I get like this. I will explain further after the cut.
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Hello all, not much exciting has been going on but whatever I need to keep in the habit of making posts and also writing. So lets just jump into what has been going on.

So been watching The Spoony Experiment, which is much like Nostalgia Critic reviews old games and movies. It is nice to actually hear opinions on old games and movies some I have seen and played and some that I have not by Spoony mainly focuses on the really bad games and movies which makes it interesting. Anyways mainly been watching it due to it is humor and I have been watching a lot of drama thanks to NCIS and NCIS: LA.

Past that I have been reading A Civil Campaign, still not done yet as it is for pleasure not work, and wow how I can relate to far to many of the romances and both parties in each romance. Though I wish I had not stayed up tell 5am reading the book as now I have to deal with a even more messed up sleep schedule than before.

Third thing is that today I went out and worked for two hours, starting out with cleaning our garage a bit, then moving on to working on my Mothers bench, and finally to spreading gypsum across the yard to help reduce the clay content in the soil. That last one took the longest due to I was working on one acre of land with just my hands to spread it. Needless to say my feet are killing me for being on them for two hours without break.

Also got to thinking that I might make a separate account just for NONE if it starts up again just so when we are in off season I can have misadventures myself.

Wish my headaches would stop, thankfully now they are only based on hydration.


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The removal of my wisdom teeth went well for me. Apparently it was four not three teeth though but took around an hour. Thanks to all the medication I have finally also figured out how I can take pills even with my rather annoying over active gag reflex.

Right now I am on Vicodin when ever I start hurting, and Amoxicillin four times a day. No negative reaction to them which I am happy about. Also it seems that I am the only one in my family that when getting their wisdom teeth removed did not get knocked out for the procedure. Probably why I am so awake and feeling okay.

I really can't wait tell I can stop having the gaze in my mouth, and my lips to stop being swollen.
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So tomorrow I am going in at 9am to get three wisdom teeth removed. They are going to use some drugs, but the main thing is this is the first time I have ever had surgery. I am a bit uptight about it due to seeing how the drugs worked on my brother a few years back. I don't like being loopy, and that is how he was acting. Though I am a fast healer so hopefully will not be out to long.

Cut as don't want to gross people out with talk about sickness. )
So my birthday went well for me, watched Iron Man 2 which I enjoyed though it was loud. Got home had a nice simple dinner. Had a Magic swirl cake. Then after that got a printer for college, which is nice as I no longer have to go to the library to print stuff off. Which living on the opposite side of the campus makes annoying. Got the 40K 5th edition codex, big book, costs more than it should in my opinion, well everything related to 40k from Gamesworkshop is over priced. Also found out that Jo-Ann's carries enamel paints of three to four times the volume of Hillsboro Hobby Shop for only twice if not one and a half times the price.

Well tomorrow will be interesting to say the least. Probably will not be able to talk though for most of tomorrow.
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Well got up and went to the dentist who said I need to floss in the back of my mouth more where I have trouble flossing already, which she laughed at. It is good to have lighthearted people in the medical community. Though technically she was the equivalent to a nurse but still it is nice to see people joking about.

In any case today is going to be as annoying as any other Monday or Wednesday that I have for the rest of the summer. Still can't believe the fact that I go back to ERAU the day after my Micro Econ final... Anyways I am starting to cook up some new icons for myself, mainly pertaining to Warhammer 40K universe for their origin so expect to see the star of Chaos some where in there.

I did not have any really odd dreams, well disturbing dreams I should say thankfully. I did have a dream that thanks to all the Warhammer 40K stuff I have been reading was in the Warhammer 40K universe, well more of I could manifest Chaos Terminator Lord armor and weaponry, also I was at college instead of at home. Then the Tyranids attacked the campus, it was quite odd... But it was fun fighting along side those who I know against a great alien force that would consume the planet. Though why the hell they decided to land in a bloody (or at least it was by the end of things) desert is beyond me given they try to consume biomass to make more of themselves.

It was fun though mainly due to I had no idea that it was a dream so it was basically the most epic scale dream I have had in a long time. Also there was a global conquest on my part to destroy any points where the Tyranids had landed at. Quite fun due to I can pull of more than just random USA city within my dreams due to movies, anime, and actually going outside of the continent.

Well that is all I have time for today, got to study a bit for Micro Econ, and take a shower.
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Well first thing I did today was look at the forecast, hoping for a period where it gets cool again and cloudy. I saw tomorrow was supposed to have clouds and also the rest of the week, then I looked a the temperature it was horrible, same temperature but with clouds...

Anyways yesterday I build a new moc, not of Kurorahk though, but of a Makuta scientist who performed experiments on him. Yes I have a whole giant history for Kurorahk and actually wrote a bit of it, though it is pretty bad, though I probably should try to rewrite it.

Alright so today it is already at 82 Fahrenheit outside and it is only 3:30pm and the sun does not set tell about 8:30pm today, so horribly hot day without AC which is always the case for at home sadly. This does not help with my sleeping problems either, which I think I figured out. The main reason why I have been sleeping so much, other than catching up on sleep from college, is that I have very little protein here at home to eat, and while a college I had a lot of protein in my diet. I know that I run practically only on protein so this probably is the cause for the extra 4 hours on top of my normal 8-9 hour sleep.

Well time to try to stay cool and not give into eating a huge amount again...


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