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So tomorrow I am going in at 9am to get three wisdom teeth removed. They are going to use some drugs, but the main thing is this is the first time I have ever had surgery. I am a bit uptight about it due to seeing how the drugs worked on my brother a few years back. I don't like being loopy, and that is how he was acting. Though I am a fast healer so hopefully will not be out to long.

Cut as don't want to gross people out with talk about sickness. )
So my birthday went well for me, watched Iron Man 2 which I enjoyed though it was loud. Got home had a nice simple dinner. Had a Magic swirl cake. Then after that got a printer for college, which is nice as I no longer have to go to the library to print stuff off. Which living on the opposite side of the campus makes annoying. Got the 40K 5th edition codex, big book, costs more than it should in my opinion, well everything related to 40k from Gamesworkshop is over priced. Also found out that Jo-Ann's carries enamel paints of three to four times the volume of Hillsboro Hobby Shop for only twice if not one and a half times the price.

Well tomorrow will be interesting to say the least. Probably will not be able to talk though for most of tomorrow.

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May. 16th, 2010 01:33 pm
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This is a quick post as I am going off soon to watch Iron Man 2 for my birthday. But I have really good news. The Audio port on my laptop started randomly working for me. By this I mean it a problem where it did not detect my headphone slot but now it does and it works as well. This makes me happy as nothing has changed and it fixed it self. And no there have been no updates to my laptop with regard to the audio port.

This just makes me happy as now I can play my games without regard to desktop or laptop. Well almost graphics cards are different in the way that my desktop is superior to my laptop. Well okay my desktop is superior in all ways except for mobility. Then again that is why I built this desktop is so that way I could have high end games that are fun without the immersion being broken but not being able to see anything, or lag.

The universe is being kind, well some what the mosquito bites over my arms and legs still are annoying.
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So going to put a cut here for those either who have not (somehow) seen or read HP Book 6.

And here is my thoughts on the movie... )

Now off to dinner for my brothers birthday.
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Well I got up and saw X-men Origins: Wolverine I thought it was good, not the best but good, and i had my favorite X-man in it Gambit. Anyways after the movie or during it I got a migraine, thankfully after having some food, I now classify it as a mild headache, but still annoying. I am thinking of playing some more DOW2 since it has a epic campaign. DOW2 unlike most RTS games allows for customization to a great degree, and the game does not penalize you for what tactics your using like the latest Command and Conquers have with trying to make turtling impossible or at very least hurt you in a way that makes you unable to win the game. For some reason people hate turtlers, I believe this to be that they think that a wave of tanks should be the only unit, no artillery, not missile infantry, no aircraft, just tanks...

Well I ranted again about what I dislike in the trend of RTS gaming, but what every there is a reason why I stick to games like Supreme Commander and Dawn of War, you actually have strategy that has to be adaptable or you lose. Well I will give EA this they did a lot better with Red Alert 3 on making the multiplayer not so much single unit type games.

Anyways going to do some stuff and relax.
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Well today started at 9:30 am or so. I got up, had breakfast, played a bit of Oblivion, then went to a party. They party lasted up until 8:00 pm. It was fun, we played risk on Morgoth's custom board which has the theme of Bionicle, it was fun, and I lasted 3 hours of the 6 played, I was sadly the first out. But that is okay, we had The Island playing, then after that we had vegetarian burgers, which where strange tasting but filling so no complaints from me. We then watched Kung Fu Panda which was awesome, much better than The Island. Now I am home, and really the party was fun and I got to catch up and see my High School friends again, but I still miss getting to hang out with[info] - personal [personal profile] dysprositos whom I really enjoy hanging out with, also she usually has something for us/me to read or watch something with which is always nice. In any case I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends again, but I miss [info] - personal [personal profile] dysprositos also. Talking over the internet or via phone just does not cause the same feelings as being around someone in person.

Well that is all for DW/LJ today (at least posting that is)!


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