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So I figured out why I like college so much more than being here at home. At college people actually understand physics, well the ones that I usually hang out do at least, they can do mental exercises on situations and other fun stuff with know how things really work. Here at home the closest thing I have to sensible logical people (though most at college are conservative which annoys me) are my cats and [personal profile] dysprositos since they understand how things work. At home I am constantly telling either my brother or my mom how things actually work in reality, and with my dad well really all he asks me is if what he is designing is functional or will do what he wants it to do. My brother who I call That Idiot Jameson due to his lack of understanding basic physics, chemistry, and even biology which I hate biology and yet I know more of it than he does! The main problem is not that he ask a lot of questions no it is when he says things that blatantly are impossible due to what every science says. Here is one from last night, I asked "How is it even possible for Link to climb that ladder with boots that say the have no traction IE on no surface would they have any friction at all?" my brother responds with "oh he just uses the shape of the foot" and "I could do it too." Brother I care about you a small amount as much as I care about those who annoy me but I have to look out for, but this is just pushing it to the point of your annoyingly to stupid to even try to talk to you about other than modding games. The other major problem is I go and tell him that what he is saying is impossible and these are the scientific laws/theories/principles that say why it is impossible.

Other than having to deal with frequent random stupidity like that my summer is going okay, though this week is going to get bad, a low of 85°F for the week in high temperatures, I hate summer...
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Well today started off with me taking a shower, from there I was trimming my finger nails, and just as I was about to finish the power went out. Now normally this is a inconvenience for someone living in a 'rural' area. I was in a room with no windows or anyway natural light could get in. If this had happened several years ago I would have freaked, today I just laughed at the irony of the timing, I had just finished doing everything I needed power for so I just left and got dressed in my room. About half an hour to forty five minutes later power came back on.

In any case it still sucks when the power goes out, mainly due to if it is dark, or just kinda dim outside my natural reaction is to go to sleep. Problem I have class in less than three hours at Portland Community College (PCC) and I have never driven myself there. Though the class really I have no option but to go since it is the first class of the semester... I really dislike having to take a economics course in order to get a Aerospace Engineering Bachelor of Science degree. I mean yes it is a good idea to make certain your engineers are trying to make the most cost efficient craft but still for those of us who just look at the price range, then look at the outlines for the design then figure out roughly what type of design your going for this is a pain in the ass and really redundant. For those who just design without a care in the world about the cost, they should not be engineers, or at least have a class where you have to forecast the cost of a design, basically do the whole design and development process and have a actual budget with your grade riding on how everything works together in the end and your cost to do the project.

Anyways yeah first night of Micro Economics class 6-8pm Mondays and Saturdays at PCC how fun... >_>
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Well have not done much with my day. I was planning on working on pulling another stump but I woke up to find that it had been poring for the past few hours, well 10 hours. We need the rain, in May we were short on rain. But because of it being rainy I kinda spent my whole day in my room desperately trying to do something to entertain myself. This was not as easy as it sounds, some forms of boredom are really hard for me to deal with, and as such causes me to lose many hours on nothing. I managed to keep myself from breaking down and just sleeping the day away by playing more Oblivion and doing side quests, but still it was dull...

Now I am listening to Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II's soundtrack, which is good, much better than most RTS games of late. Well okay it destroys C&C Generals and C&C Tiberium Wars soundtracks due to they had horrible soundtracks, Generals only had like 5 songs for the whole freaking game... Anyways more to the point, I am starting to feel depressed, and as such the general tendency of how my mind demonstrates this feeling, though it could be just dread, is like I have wings but instead of having them pulled in like a normal flying animal, they are drooping and slack against the ground dragging behind me. Yes my mind is weird, I am used to it for the most part since I have lived in it for the past 19 years or so. I just feel down and out of it physically. I guess this is either in response to my Granny's presumed near to death status, or for some other reasons that would pull at what emotions I have left. Damn though some times I feel so emo, but thankfully I do not like how they dress :P

Well I guess I am going to try to find either something to liven up my day, well what is left of it, or something to at least distract me from most things going on in my personal life right now. Well maybe tomorrow I will be in a better mood since I have a friend coming over to try to repair my Xbox, if we are lucky withing the half hour of his coming over to my house we can play Halo and Halo 2 again. That will get me feeling a lot better than I am right now, killing aliens bent on the destruction of all of humanity with a friend who is competent at playing as well.

Still though I wish I had better contact with one of my friends, but well she has stuff to do, and she may have a lot going on right now so whatever. I really do hate summer, not just for its heat, but for how little contact I get to have with my friends, especially those who I have come to hang out with a lot of my time.

Short way of putting things, I am tired, sad, probably a bit depressed, and most defiantly lonely. I hate being any of those... not because of showing emotion, but because of how hard it is to deal with any of those for me. I am very glad not many people at this point read this, because really this journal helps me cope a lot of times with things going on, and helps my memory.
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Well I got up and saw X-men Origins: Wolverine I thought it was good, not the best but good, and i had my favorite X-man in it Gambit. Anyways after the movie or during it I got a migraine, thankfully after having some food, I now classify it as a mild headache, but still annoying. I am thinking of playing some more DOW2 since it has a epic campaign. DOW2 unlike most RTS games allows for customization to a great degree, and the game does not penalize you for what tactics your using like the latest Command and Conquers have with trying to make turtling impossible or at very least hurt you in a way that makes you unable to win the game. For some reason people hate turtlers, I believe this to be that they think that a wave of tanks should be the only unit, no artillery, not missile infantry, no aircraft, just tanks...

Well I ranted again about what I dislike in the trend of RTS gaming, but what every there is a reason why I stick to games like Supreme Commander and Dawn of War, you actually have strategy that has to be adaptable or you lose. Well I will give EA this they did a lot better with Red Alert 3 on making the multiplayer not so much single unit type games.

Anyways going to do some stuff and relax.
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Well not much happened yesterday, nor so far today. I slept in tell two in the afternoon yesterday, and repeated it again today, though I did manage to force myself to wake up at seven this morning like I wanted to, then after an hour went back to sleep. Yesterday I was up for just a bit over twelve hours, so I slept a lot, and I slept a lot today which hopefully means soon I will get onto a normal sleep schedule.

Apparently my brother just got accepted into PSU (Portland State University) so good for him, now he can get a actual degree in Computer Science. Mean while tuition is going up for me, which sucks, because it going up by $550 a semester is a lot when already I know I am very close to a breaking limit of funding... Of course they could you no get ride of a few staff who they don't need, which I bet they have a few that they could just lay off and give a stifle to tell economic pick up again. Also why the hell would they raise tuition when they are getting a huge amount of Freshman this year?!

Anyways... hopefully I do not have to deal with going in debt other than federal student loans...

Aurg! Why is it so hard for middle class people to go to college? Is it because of our shitty capitalist society built on the backs of the poor so the rich might get a chance to grab hold of the sun?! I hate that we of the middle class regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, gender, political disposition, &c. are the ones who get screwed when it comes to higher education. The upper class gets to laugh at us while being complete snobs while we struggle to come up with money, while the poor get huge amounts of funding to help them along in the endeavor for higher education. While we, the middle class, are told yes you have the money you need to get through college, or have other options available to us. NO WE DON'T YOU FUCKING PRICKS! the other options either puts us closer to being poor, or death, and by death I mean serving in the military with a bunch of self-righteous racist, sexist bigots... We who are in the middle class need a bit more help with getting through college so that we may get ahead in life, and do what we enjoy doing. I don't care who says that I should be okay with getting scholarships and grants, it is not easy for anyone in the middle class, why? Because as being in the middle class we have closer to the amount of money needed to get though college with just one or two loans, and maybe a scholarship. FUCK THAT! We may not need as much money as the people who are poor but we too need money to get through college also, and you know what, also by me being average it does not help with getting scholarships, grants, or money at all. I have never gotten a paycheck, I have volunteered a good 2 years of my life with over 200 hours of volunteer work each of those years, what do I get, NOTHING.

If people really want the rescission to end we need to make it possible to get the well trained workers we need and also keep the doors to everyone open, and not close them with high tuition. /rant


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