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So off and on for about the past month or two I have been sick. What with I don't know but it is really bad for me as it affects my ability to think clearly. I also have been busy working on trying to keep up with my classes which is not easy when I get like this. I will explain further after the cut.
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Been having a lack of time it seems to do anything meaningful. I have been having some problems with sleep as of late but seem to have fixed that by closing the blinds before I go to bed. I don't understand why my roommate even keeps them open once it hits night. I know he opens the blinds during the day for the natural sunlight as our overhead light screams at a high pitch and is completely ineffective at lighting my room.

I am rather hating my COM 122 class due to I still do not see the point of the class when all it is actually for is making certain you know how to write. It should have a test that if you fail you take the class then at least it would not feel like a complete waste of time. Whatever I really don't care at this point about it, only took it because I wanted to give a try at a better grade and needed to fill some credit hours.

Working on Halloween costume which is going to be Spartan III armor from Halo: Reach, got the helmet I made a long time ago on its way as well as some forearm and shin guards to build around for the arm and leg bits of the armor. Still really worried about the chest and the upper leg sections of armor due to how hard those parts have been in the past for me to make.

The weather as of late has been stormy, and more over Thunder Storms which is awesome I love thunderstorms as well they just are awesome to me. Going to be busy this month with lots of work and midterms as well but hey that is college. Oh well almost done with the boring stuff so I can get onto the interesting classes where I get to learn stuff instead of repeating High School English classes and reusing basic physics over and over without building on any of it.
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Still alive here, and almost done packing. Going down early Friday with a lot of stuff in tow, however not that bad since it is a lot less stuff than previous times.

My Chaos Space Marines today got me one victory and almost a second, however it was mostly my fault not the dice or the units themselves that cause the loss. Need to work on my tactics more but hey for my forth and fifth matches not bad, currently standing at three wins and two losses.

Just need to finish packing and send my three boxes to arrive Monday and well hopefully everything goes off without a hitch.


Jul. 24th, 2010 07:07 pm
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So not much been going on with me, I now own my desktop completely which is nice as that means I have unrestricted access to it other than you know my own choices on where I put it. Went to a Renaissance Faire which was fun, but really small. Been hunting down a knife for myself, but want to keep it under three inches, but I think I want it also to be a throwing knife. And really the knife part is due to I have a 'knife' on my Swiss Army Knife knockoff but it can barely cut paper when sharpened and since I get a lot of packages it would be nice to actually be able to open them. I also want throwing knifes and a knife in general due to the wildlife back at school is just so dangerous that throwing is preferable to closing, but also a knife in general is better than a butter knife.

Rewatched Neon Genesis Evangelion, and have yet to watch essentially the reboot of the series but have that as well. Psychology class is going... alright dull though but what can you expect from a 201 class. Working on getting some more money so I don't feel so uneasy spending any of it. Also looking at getting into a Astrophysics class back at school since I don't need to take two other classes I signed up for.

First day of heat here... I am not happy with this weather. Last week it kept taunting me with having clouds moving over us, kept thinking it would rain or something but no just cleared off and got hot. Can't even air out my room at night thanks to the field across from me is being harvested at night.

I say it again I hate summer. However yea for three hour plus phone calls, they are fun as only one person ever has them with me.


Jun. 20th, 2010 06:34 pm
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Just a quick (hopefully) summation of what is going on and has happened.

First, Doctor Who surprised me in s5 ep12 due to they pulled something I did not think of tell after they said it. Good job writers you did something out of the ordinary however still sad at how some things played out.

Second, Fathers Day was fun, went shooting and finally got to shoot my dads Thompson machine gun (not fully auto though only semi as per the law says) it was fun but long drive to and from.

Third, due to Introduction to Psychology starts at 10am tomorrow I have to miss Leverage tonight as I need to actually sleep and get up at a decent time. However after I get back from class and finish putting the finish on the last two bench beams I will sit down and watch it.


May. 8th, 2010 12:43 pm
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Got home safe and sound, and got all of my desktop home with me without any problems. However I had a really close call with missing my plane home. How close? Well try they closed the door right after I got on the plane, not before I sat down. But after all the running with some 40 pounds on my back for over a mile in about 6 minutes I feel awesome. And I should due to everything works, I got a lot of sleep, and even with everything that happened I made it home on time.

Now it is time to go figure out what I am doing for summer, already know I am going to take Introduction to Psychology at PCC over the summer so I have one less class come fall back at college.
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So this Tuesday Humans versus Zombies will start up on my campus for the first time. We have one tenth of the school population playing. This will be amazing and fun, and drive my paranoia through the roof. Tonight we have a informational meeting but registration is still open tell Midnight when the game begins. Though I highly doubt I will be out and about at that time or later.

In other news my packages have yet to show themselves which is annoying due to they should have been here on Friday. Passing all of my classes as well, and fixing my coat slowly. Trench coat's lining is a pain to fix...
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So yeah two of my three known wisdom teeth are pushing it, and because of this I am getting constant headaches and fevers. Great way to spend spring break...

Between spells of headaches and fevers (which the fevers would not break unless I used ice packs repeatedly over the course of a few hours) I played and beat Mass Effect 1 which was fun. Because of the headaches and fever sleep was poor except for the few nights I turned the ac up like mad and dropped the temperature down to around 68°F which is cold for sleeping in for me. Also finally got around to watching RahXephon an anime that I have been meaning to watch for a year it was good predictable but good. Other than that my sleep schedule got out of whack but is back on track (did not mean for that to rhyme) which is good as only have tomorrow and what is left of today before classes start back up again.

Right now though I am working on the homework due Monday (which luck would have it is only one assignment) so got that to do though getting hungry again so might get lunch soonish. One of these weekends I need to play in a Games Replay Tournament for Supreme Commander 2 as then I would have a actual look at some good players, and also probably get knocked out in round one.

Burnt Out

Mar. 10th, 2010 01:51 pm
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So yeah I should not be allowed near computer with internet access.

Yeah I am burnt out, thankfully only a few days tell spring break which hopefully will go and reverse this.

Though I must say it is really annoying listening to my own stupidity that keeps going through my own head. Now I know why I am silent so much, I rather be silent than ever say some of this stuff.

Longish Day

Mar. 9th, 2010 10:03 pm
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Okay so normally a sixteen hour day is not bad for me, actually it is short, but normally it is well the norm for me. However today just sucked me dry of energy and just being able to put up with stuff... So now that I have everything except my Formal Lab done (but have the corrections for it now) and only have two assignments over break.

Break however is going to be lonely as it was back in High School. As in I am going to be all alone with only work and my computer to entertain me. That sounds like it would be great but I had hoped for spending time with friends and watching shows with them. But they are going away for break.

Also just down because I let my other side talk to me to much today so just emotionally, physically, and mentally drained right now.

To bad moods can't be like "Tired as all hell" that would be appropriate.
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Like the title says, I lucked out the assignment that is due today that I have been putting off doing is not due tell Wednesday, but that means two assignments due for the same class on the same day but that is okay they are short. However I have a friend who is worried about dropping below a 2.0 this semester which would mean if he did he is out. That bites, then again another friend is missing all of her notes as her notebook decided to vanish into the Aether...

In any case figured out I have about two and a half years tell I graduate at the current rate. However this can be accelerated with a summer semester here next year. I may escape this place with a degree with only being here for four years!!! Yeah it really does make me excited as I am starting to hate this place more and more as I find out more and more about the people here and the classes here. If I was not already so invested in becoming as Aerospace Engineer I would change degrees and colleges and become either a physics or chemistry major.


Feb. 28th, 2010 06:44 pm
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No not the comic just have a countdown going on it my life. The countdown is not so something like a break in the semester (okay so that one is going but it is not starting tell March 12th). No instead this is about Supreme Commander 2, which more and more people after the discovery of the Debug Mode have renewed their interest in SupCom2 (sadly we can't make use of SC2 or SCII thanks to the first being Star Craft 2 and the second being the other way that people refer to Star Craft 2). I am glad of this as I got the same sense from the demo campaign as I did with Supreme Commander's campaign. By that I mean that you only get a small view of what you can do during the campaign.

2 Days tell release I am excited, still tired annoyingly enough but still excited.

In other news I got my work all done and don't have anything to do tonight or tomorrow night which is awesome to me. Tuesday after dinner will be fun though as long as it does not end up with me passing out right after dinner.

Also catching up on Ghost Hunters International.
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Chemistry test was easy, took me twenty seven minutes to do. Which is fast, so fast in fact that I was the first one done, and I know I did great on it.

As for Supreme Commander 2 the demo is supposed to be out sometime today, so far no official word on it other than Chris Taylor's word during a open forum chat for Best Buy. Hopefully it will be out by tonight. But in other news found a ride to go pick up Supreme Commander 2 (SC2 as Starcraft 2 is not a game I will be getting) as my RA (Resident Hall Assistant) offered to give me a ride into town and back the morning that it releases. Which works for me. Though I still won't be playing it that day tell after Chemistry Lab.

I am still having problems with songs being stuck in my head so I am just listening to lots of music of my choice and not the random stuff that keeps showing up in my head.
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The type of classes I am talking about is college classes. Specifically my Chemistry Laboratory Class. Now normally I enjoy chemistry I find it fun and if this gig with Aerospace Engineering does not turn out I will just go get a degree in chemistry and go with that. However today's lab, and actually every other lab ever we have had to deal with too many people and to little supplies. This causes people to have to sit around while everyone else crowds around what little supplies there are, which is inherently unsafe for a chemistry lab with various acids and poisons everywhere. So today for the second time I felt almost compelled to just say to hell with doing it in two person groups and ask the group behind me to work with us and do the second half of the lab while we did the first half. Did not actually do that, but now I do have to go in on Thursday morning with my partner and finish up the lab. Oh and another thing this school fails at even supplying the most basic of equipment. Our voltmeters we are never have expected to use before have no instructions, are analog, and no explanation on how to read or set correctly. They have hardly any numbers on them so you can't just guesstimate... As for the digital voltmeters and analog ones even once we figured out the right settings from memory they kept jumping round for the galvanic cell which should not happen.

So Thursday my partner and I are going back in and this time with his digital voltmeter finish up the darn lab and turn it in. We are lucky that are teacher is fine with late labs as long as they are in before the end of Thursday. And on top of this I have to study a bit tonight for my second Chemistry test, mainly due to we probably will get some really, really weird reactions in odd solutions...


Feb. 20th, 2010 02:06 am
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These are the results of this week of over working, being injured, and far to stressed.

I have been up to long, been over stressed, and my body has been working on keeping me healthy and fixing itself... I am starting to see people in the corner of my sight, I hear people following me, talking, shouting... Yeah I am going to sleep this off now... And hope it is just all that and not something else.

Also finished watching VR.5 more on this later though.
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I have a problem with shows. The problem with them is that if they are good in any way I will watch all of it, I do this with web comics too. It is a bad habit only due to the amount of time it consumes. I mean okay [personal profile] dysprositos tried to get me to start watching VR.5 which actually is exactly the type of show I like, the problem is that I know even if the episodes are for the most part disconnected I would still end up using up around 11 hours to watch all the episodes in one sitting. I don't have that kind of time right now. The other problem is that with having several other shows that I am currently watching this would really kill everything else that I am planning on doing or have to go do. I mean right now I am watching: Angel, Buffy, Leverage, Being Human, Bleach (and reading the Manga as it comes out), and soon VR.5.

Yeah that does not seem like a lot of shows but each one is about 45 minutes long, except for Bleach with is 22 minutes long. This along with my addiction to Video Games (not really an addiction as I don't have withdraws or anything like that) would kill my time that I need for doing Homework and studying for classes and tests. Expecially this week as I have my Physics 3 midterm over Electric Fields, Capacitors, and Electric Potential Difference, which is not a easy set of subjects. I just hope that this weekend (yes it is only Tuesday and I am looking forward to the weekend) that I can sit down and watch these shows and take care of most of the ones that have already aired and ended because then it will be back down to a manageable level of stuff I want to do. Though with only around an hour between classes for Wednesday and Friday I don't think that I will be able to fit any shows in tell after Dinner.

Man this test for Physics 3 is going to destroy me physically and emotionally due to just how hard the subjects are. Plus recovering from yesterday.

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Posting that is the habit, well kind of just seems like when I post once after not posting for a while I start posting a lot. Anyways Chemistry was boring again fell asleep or almost did, the homework for the class took like twenty minutes to do last night. Since it was easy this left me with a lot of free time to watch Buffy, which I did since anything else would have kept me up for longer. So almost done with Season two just got the finale to watch I believe.

As for other things well just starting to make plans on what I am going to do for Summer, which really is going to be finding a job hopefully so I can fund finishing my desktop and then upgrade some pieces of it to where I want it to be at. Also so I can fund my Warhammer 40k miniatures addiction which really is more of the painting and modeling and not so much the playing of it, though that will happen too over summer.

The day just started and I want to go back to bed but can't tell four because of only about one hour and ten minute breaks between classes...
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Finally another post, been busy but the type that is not too interesting tell now. Descend into Chaos if you dare... )
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So next Monday I am back at college, but here is the problem my sleep schedule is messed up badly. So I am going to go to sleep in the middle of the day and hopefully only nap. If it all works out by the time I head back I will be on a normalish sleep schedule and everything if not well things at school will force it to be in the right shape pretty fast.

In other news Warhammer 40K miniatures here are all painted, waiting for my laptops new speaker to come in and working on getting method of shipping my painting supplies and glue down to college so I can paint my Chaos Predator Tank that will be getting there soonish. Also probably will put up photos of my painted miniatures up after I get up from this nap thing.

Time to go Incommunicado


Dec. 14th, 2009 03:07 pm
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I hate my Calc 2 teacher he does a good job I guess, but for me even though I had a 86% solid in his class he still felt the need to fail me. By fail me I mean a D, a D means that I am done, even though I got a A in one class of the same credit hour worth, and C's in the other classes by the looks of things. Looks like I am done at this college, though going to hope like hell that my mom sees otherwise and I can get my teacher to reconsider or at least show me what I did wrong so that way I know what I actually need to work on. Just it is so annoying to have this happen... I don't like this sort of shit it just really I am screwed now.

I may get to fix some of my problems but unless I can change my calc 2 teachers mind on the final so that at least I get a C I am done and stuck at home going to crappy colleges here. I don't want to go to PSU it just no... I don't like that place it feels so wrong and I would most likely just give up as the classes probably don't even transfer. Guess I have to hope I can do enough talking to get past this, hate having to fall back on manipulation to go forward in my classes and my education but it looks like no choice now.


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