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The type of classes I am talking about is college classes. Specifically my Chemistry Laboratory Class. Now normally I enjoy chemistry I find it fun and if this gig with Aerospace Engineering does not turn out I will just go get a degree in chemistry and go with that. However today's lab, and actually every other lab ever we have had to deal with too many people and to little supplies. This causes people to have to sit around while everyone else crowds around what little supplies there are, which is inherently unsafe for a chemistry lab with various acids and poisons everywhere. So today for the second time I felt almost compelled to just say to hell with doing it in two person groups and ask the group behind me to work with us and do the second half of the lab while we did the first half. Did not actually do that, but now I do have to go in on Thursday morning with my partner and finish up the lab. Oh and another thing this school fails at even supplying the most basic of equipment. Our voltmeters we are never have expected to use before have no instructions, are analog, and no explanation on how to read or set correctly. They have hardly any numbers on them so you can't just guesstimate... As for the digital voltmeters and analog ones even once we figured out the right settings from memory they kept jumping round for the galvanic cell which should not happen.

So Thursday my partner and I are going back in and this time with his digital voltmeter finish up the darn lab and turn it in. We are lucky that are teacher is fine with late labs as long as they are in before the end of Thursday. And on top of this I have to study a bit tonight for my second Chemistry test, mainly due to we probably will get some really, really weird reactions in odd solutions...


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