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First things first yea for Day five of Torchwood's Children of Earth, second even greater yea my eyes which have been giving me constant pain for the past few days, plus headaches and stiff neck, seems to be finally waning in amounts of pain!

So yeah today seems to be going well besides the still stiff neck and the back of my eyes hurting but a lot less than yesterday. Also going to do some retro gaming as it is called, or simply put I am going to use my new high end desktop to play Super Nintendo games, ah I love good old games!
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Don't click there are vauge possible spoilers for Torchwood CoE episode 3 in here.

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I really like this set up with these five episodes of Torchwood it makes it so the show has to be of good quality and pack in its awesomeness into five episodes.
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Well today I got up at seven in the morning and had breakfast then worked in the yard for another hour. After that showered since I needed it, and since then have been doing my rounds on the internet. When I came across the fact that it is only like 7pm in England which means 2 more hours tell Torchwood Children of Earth part 2, which saddens me since I wanted to watch now, and makes me happy that I now know the time differince between Oregon and England (-7 hours) which means soon it will be time to watch the next episode.

Also I noticed this morning all these entries on my reading page of other people who also had watched Torchwood CoE so I know that watching Torchwood is what I should be doing with my nights right now.

Well back to having lunch and using time to bludgeon or nuke as it maybe some computer opponents in either Supreme Commander or Call of Duty 4 as I wait for CoE to become available.
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Well just finished doing half an hour of yard work under the forest (a 200 ft, by 50 ft rectangle of dense pine tries that tower to about 150-160 ft) and got eaten alive but mosquitoes... But now I have done 1 hour of work towards my 34 hours of work needed to pay off my desktop, so overall (as long as I don't get sick) a win. Overheated now and am exposing as much skin as I can with the rest of my family awake/around, and adding new cold coolant to my system. Beyond that I have worked once again on my Bionicle Epic (consisting so far of 7 chapters about 50K words each) and found out that I am one sadistic bastard to my characters. I also made a prop for my Makuta (still unnamed and needs a name), I am going to try to name her, but any input (please us the previous entry) would be much appreciated.

Anyways going to take some pics of her and of the experiment restraint and testing bed that I made as a prop for her, with Kurorahk of course getting hurt.

While working I came up with several hilarious ideas for podcasts, or vidcasts. Main idea is get two people to talk about new technology that the Makuta have come up with, or for more general populace one revolving around going through all of Torchwood's alien artifacts at talk about each one, though I would need a second person to do it with...


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