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At least to me that is. The topic is hair, specifically my hair. Last night if finally had grown to the point that it looks like a mullet or as my friend put it "Your hair looks like it is trying to eat your neck." I agree it does look like it is trying to eat my neck so tomorrow after I shower I am going to cut my own hair for the first time. Thankfully I talked to my Mom over break about how to cut your own hair so it should go smoothly, and finally my bangs will die!

Yeah I did not want to ever be told I have a mullet I dislike them and without the ability (thanks to a shortage of cash) to get hair extensions to hide it I am just going to cut it off and make it look like the last length of hair I liked. Mainly this means rounding up the hair at the back of my neck and cutting it off then cleaning it up and after that trimming around my ears so they are visible again.

It should be a interesting experience cutting my own hair.

On a side not slept in a lot today almost missed Chemistry due to it but oh well and finally found out how many dryer sheets to use with my combined whites and color cloths (since the dryers are big enough to fit all of my colors and whites together granted I don't have a lot of either) and now using 3 makes the cloths nice and soft which is rather pleasant.


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